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How to protect your bank accounts from fraud



How to protect your bank accounts from fraud

How to protect your bank accounts from fraud

We all know the basic ways to keep our bank accounts safe. Keeping your passwords unique and not giving out your PIN numbers are all simple ways to help arm yourself against fraud. However, hackers and fraudulent people are constantly finding new ways to obtain your financial information. Here are a few tips on how to protect your bank accounts from fraud.

How to protect your bank accounts from fraud

Protect yourself in stores

One easy way to combat fraud is to keep your credit card in your wallet until it’s time to pay. By taking your card out while waiting in line, you open yourself up to remote card readers. With your card out in the open, someone behind you is able to record the numbers or even take a photo of the front and back of your card.

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Arm yourself at the ATM

When using ATMs there are a couple of easy ways to protect yourself. If possible, always aim to use ATMs inside of a building or bank branch. These are far less susceptible to having been tampered with by card reading technology because of the security cameras surrounding them. Another trick is to hover your finger over an extra couple of keys when entering your PIN so if the person behind you is looking, it will be harder to tell which keys you actually hit.

Safe ways to shop online

The first step to protecting yourself while online shopping is to always use a trusted computer and network whenever possible. Once on the store’s website, make sure to double check the website address. If the website address is off by a letter or two, you may have stumbled upon a phishing website used to steal credit data. Lastly, always check the security certificate by looking for the lock icon at the top of your browser and log out of all transactions after you’ve completed them.

Communicate safely over the phone

One thing to note is that no one from a bank will ever call you to obtain your account information over the phone. If someone calls you looking for verification of your banking information, simply hang up or block the call. If you’re concerned, go into your bank branch and discuss the phone call. If you’re making payments over the phone, you’ll always be asked multiple security questions to verify your identity.

Change up your card’s security settings

There are a few quick things you can set up yourself to add an extra layer of protection on your accounts. By setting maximum limits on your purchases, you’ll be required to authorize any expensive items over the phone or with a PIN number. Allowing your accounts to send you notifications through your phone is also an easy way to stay on top of your credit.