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How to Place Everything you need in the Kitchen in a Studio Apartment



Kitchen in a studio apartment

Microscopic studio apartments continue to be very popular due to the price, but their owners are faced with a problem: how to fit everything you need in them and still fit yourself? This is especially true for the kitchen area. Experts have revealed the secrets of arranging micro kitchens.

It is in the kitchen that the largest household appliances are based – a refrigerator, a stove, sometimes a dishwasher, and a washing machine. And for a small studio, this can be a problem. You can save space, firstly, by assessing how much a particular device is needed. It is clear that a sink and a stove are necessary, but the presence of a large refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher can be considered in account with the lifestyle of the owners and the number of residents. Some bachelors living in the center can do without even a stove.

Kitchen in a studio apartment

If you love to cook, order a large and highly functional kitchen set. If not, a small kitchen and a two-burner hob are enough. Be sure to leave a 60-80 cm free worktop. This is the minimum necessary to make cooking conveniently. It also saves space by setting up an island or a bar counter, which is a small apartment can replace a dining table and at the same time serve as a work surface. If it is not the best solution for you think about some square or round table that can be too quite useful and space economizing

The big problem of the studio kitchen is how to hide the clutter. A spacious set will help to avoid clutter: there should be a lot of lockers. Then everything in the kitchen will have its place.

However, the less the facades of the kitchen set are split, the more harmonious and holistic the interior of the studio apartment looks. Make two tall drawers instead of the standard four. 


A small kitchen set with tall cabinets up to the ceiling is more spacious, so it is ideal for a small studio kitchen. In the lockers of the second tier, you can store all the things that you rarely use. Functional, neat, dust does not accumulate from above, a beautiful joint with the ceiling cornice, the ceiling visually seems higher. It is better to hide the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine behind the facades of the kitchen set. It’s not just a matter of interior design and beauty. Kitchen sets provide additional sound insulation, and built-in appliances are quieter.

Zoning or separating the kitchen space from the living area in a studio apartment can be done using furniture, a table-rack, sliding doors, and partitions, a multi-level ceiling, lighting, flooring. Whether or not to highlight a kitchen area depends on the chosen style and general idea. For example, if you are making an interior in a minimalist style and want to emphasize the integrity of the space, then, accordingly, continue decorating the walls of the rooms in the kitchen area, select floor tiles to match the flooring of the room, and even try to reduce its area.

Sometimes you can add a little accent with the contrasting material of the apron between the base of the kitchen and the wall cabinets. Another technique when you need to visually enlarge the space and visually diversify it is to highlight the kitchen area not only with the floor covering, but also with the color or material of the wall. Designers like to lower the ceiling in the kitchen area of ​​the studio: in addition to visually increasing the space, this allows you to solve issues with the placement of ventilation boxes and kitchen hoods. In small kitchens, designers advise focusing on light and pure colors – they will help to avoid the feeling of closed space in the room.

If you have a small studio, choose silent models of appliances and read the description carefully: the noise level of the refrigerator should not exceed 39-40 decibels, hoods should not exceed 50 decibels. Before buying, be sure to read the reviews for the selected model. Always turn on the hood while cooking. Do not buy cheap, it is of little use. Without a powerful hood, furniture upholstery and textiles in the living area will quickly become covered in grease and will

actively absorb kitchen odors. For a small apartment, it is better to buy a built-in hood – it is compact and not conspicuous.