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How to make money online in Nigeria

How to make money online in Nigeria

How to make money online in Nigeria: It’s possible that you want to generate an additional source of income so that you can pay off a few bills, or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to make some additional spending money in your spare time.


Making money legally from the convenience of your own home can be accomplished in a variety of different ways, and the options are plentiful.

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It doesn’t matter if you work as a freelancer, a full-time employee for a major organization, a stay-at-home mom, a university student, or are looking for work; there are a number of ways to make money online in Nigeria that require little to no initial commitment of funds.


One of the many benefits of having access to the internet is that it gives you a great place to start a self-employed career.

You can always generate money online from the convenience of your own home, as long as you have access to the internet at home. This is true regardless of where you live.

You did hear correctly when I said “in the convenience of your own home.”

Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and I’ll go through some of the most effective ways that you can generate money online in this article, so make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

Testing of Mobile Applications and Websites

The main goal is to improve the quality of time spent online by the average internet user. Internet companies are always looking for actual people like yourself to test out new or existing mobile applications and websites. This is done so that website owners, coders, and designers can see and analyze the challenges that real people have when using their products.


Most companies pay testers money for each website or app they review.

Online Surveys

Another one way of make money online in Nigeria is through online surveys


Filling out online surveys to earn money is becoming an increasingly popular option for those in Nigeria who are looking to generate money online. This is something that can be done in your downtime. 

Research companies are always looking for more people to fill out surveys and try out new products. As a reward, you can earn some quick cash as a reward by participating in online surveys for just a few minutes at a time.

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Become a Virtual Tutor

Through the use of the internet, you can also generate money by teaching others what you know. You have the option of becoming a virtual tutor, during which you can engage in one-on-one tutoring sessions or even hold webinars to help individuals directly with a variety of subjects.


People who use Nigerian websites like Tutors NG can make money from their knowledge by making online learning materials that people who want to learn about a specific subject can buy.

Publish on

It’s likely that the number of posts on Medium that need authors will keep growing quickly. Even if you are not an authority on the topic you are writing about, it is not a must.

Those who want to start making money online may find that posting their work on websites like Medium or blogs increases their chances of being hired for writing jobs that pays.

Freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiver give you the opportunity to make money by selling your writing abilities to customers in exchange for a fee.

If you already own a mobile phone or a laptop computer, you don’t need to go out and buy any additional devices in order to get started writing.

You can also attract high-paying clients by showcasing your writing abilities on LinkedIn, which is another venue at your disposal.

Publishing on Medium is another one way to make money online in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based advertising in which a business rewards its affiliates based on the number of new customers brought in by those affiliates within a predetermined amount of time. Anyone has the potential to become an affiliate; all that is required is the ability to direct customers to a certain service or retail location.

At the moment, the majority of research market businesses believe that entities in this industry make something in the neighborhood of $12 billion in global revenues each year.

Affiliate marketers can choose from a wide variety of profitable niches, with online iGaming being one of the most lucrative options, despite the fact that they do not target gamers in their immediate area.

Online research shows that the five companies in Nigeria with the best affiliate marketing programs are Expertnaire, Jumia, Konga, PayPorte, and Wakanow.

They all offer referral commissions that are more than normal.

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Copywriting is the process of making content for marketing purposes in order to make sales.

On the other hand, it also includes standard content writing and search engine optimization in Nigeria.

Copywriters and content writers are the people who work in this industry. They are the ones that provide web businesses with articles, reviews, and product descriptions.

Those who want to advance in this field, which is expanding at a rate of 16% per year, absolutely need to have excellent English skills.

There are chances for copywriting on a variety of websites, including Upwork, Freelance, and others.

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how to make money online in Nigeria

Make your own YouTube channel

Have you ever entertained the idea of getting famous on YouTube?

Micro-celebrities such as Ryan Kaji, who is only 10 years old, are selling toys on YouTube and generating more than $29 million annually from it.

David Dobrik, another top earner on YouTube, makes approximately $15.5 million each year by providing his audience with comedic videos that they may watch.

Develop a YouTube channel that caters to a certain market. Because of this, you will have a better chance to make money online in Nigeria because you will be able to attract a devoted audience that watches your channel on a regular basis.

Keep your audience interested by providing tutorials, reviewing products, or keeping up with the latest celebrity news; whatever you think will keep them engaged will work.

The ability to create content that either educates or entertains users is essential to running a successful YouTube channel.

If you post advertisements on your YouTube channel and have at least 1,000 subscribers, you can start earning money from them.

If you want to make money on YouTube, in addition to advertising revenue, you may also make money by selling things, becoming an affiliate, or offering paid product placement to major brands.

Conclusion on How to make money online in Nigeria

You should have lots of ideas about how to make money online in Nigeria if you take advantage of these online business opportunities.

Utilize everything you’ve picked up from reading this piece to get the ball rolling on your own business experiments.

It will require a lot of effort on your part.

However, it will be well worth it once you realize that you are on the path to financial independence in a very short amount of time.

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