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How to Get Ride of Bad Smell in the Fridge



how to get ride of bad smell in the fridge

Read how to get ride of bad smell in the fridge.

If you are looking for natural remedies to get rid of bad smells in your refrigerator, this is the perfect article for you. In fact, we have put together a series of useful tips to help you keep your fridge clean and fresh, recommending natural products that will help you with this. this regard. The article is about how to get ride of bad smell in the fridge. You’ll also find advice on natural products that you can buy online that will help keep your fridge smelling, tidy and sanitized.

Why Is Our Fridge Smelling Bad

Sometimes just a little fish left in the fridge for a few days, meat with a strong taste and smell or vegetables that have gone bad will give the refrigerator a bad smell. At other times, the mechanical and plastic parts of the refrigerator could give off bad smells, especially if you forget to clean and sanitize them.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Refrigerator Smells

If we can’t avoid bad smells because sometimes they just happen, we can try blotting them to get our refrigerator back as good as new without using chemical remedies. So here are some natural remedies to remove bad smells from the refrigerator and how to clean it properly.

how to get ride of bad smell in the fridge

1. Baking soda

This remedy is always valid and also cheap: just take a glass, fill it with baking soda and place it in a corner of the refrigerator. The powder will absorb odors, slowly purifying the whole area.

2. Vinegar

It performs exactly as the bicarbonate but since vinegar has a very peculiar smel it should be used in a much smaller percentage. For a medium sized fridge just half a glass to obtain the desired effect.

3. Lemon

Just cut the lemon into slices and place in a bowl in the fridge. The absorbency of the lemon will do away with the bad smells but the lemon has to be changed at least once a week.

4. Potatoes

Peeling a potato and putting it in the fridge to get the effect of eliminating all odors from the refrigerator with a premise: the potato acts as absorbent therefore it should be changed every 2-3 days and kept in the fridge until the smell goes away.

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5. Cloves

Just take a lemon or an orange, cut it in half and put in a good number of cloves. At that point the citrus goes placed in a refrigerator until it starts to dry out.

6. Oatmeal

Exactly like potatoes, oatmeal absorbs odors if stored in the refrigerator in a aluminum or ceramic bowl.

7. Coffee Beans

The smell is eliminated in a few days even using coffee beans scattered on the various shelves of the refrigerator.

8. Active Carbon

Take activated carbon, place it in a bowl and put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator. If you can you should arrange coal on each shelf for a faster effect.

9. Vanilla extract

Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract, place it in a small bowl and let the vanilla beginning to give off its odor killing all the others.

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