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How to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana



how to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana

How to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana : Getting a virtual card in Ghana is very easy. you can use your free virtual card for all online transactions at the comfort of your home or office. With the world going more digital, you need to move along. In this article, we will be bringing to you how to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana.

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How to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana

There are several companies that offer visa/credit cards that you can use for you online transactions. The main aim of this article is to focus on virtual cards that you can easily link to you mobile money accounts or bank accounts without necessarily carrying the card with you everywhere you go. Some of the banks/financial institutions that offer virtual cards are:

  • GTbank Virtual Card
  • Ecobank Virtual Card
  • Palmpay Virtual Card
  • FXkudi Virtual Crad

GTbank Virtual Card

Gtbank Ghana offers one of the best virtual Card you can easily create and use of your online purchases. Learn how to Get a Virtual Card in Ghana using GTbank

How to create and fund your Virtual Card

  • Create and fund your card with your GTBank Account or Mobile Money wallet through these simple steps:
  • Dial *737*10#
  • Select option 1 to create card
  • Select source of funds (GTBank Account or Mobile Money wallet)
  • Enter Amount
  • Select Account or Mobile Money wallet to debit
  • Enter PIN to confirm transaction.
  • Generated card will be sent to you via email and password to unlock sent via SMS.

Ecobank Virtual Card

Another way to get a virtual card in Ghana is by creating and using the ECObank Ghana virtual card.

As long as you have the Ecobank mobile app on your phone, you can easily create a Visa Virtual Card. You don’t even have to have an Ecobank account as the Visa Virtual Card is not linked directly to your bank account, which makes it extra secure.

How to create and fund Ecobank virtual card?

  1. Download the ECOBank mobile App from playstore
  2. From the Homepage, select cards
  3. select virtual cards
  4. select create a virtual card

Palmpay Virtual Card

Palmpay app also offers one of the hassle free ways to create a virtual card. To get access to the virtual card,

you would have to download the palm pay app from playstore and create an account. Verify your account using a valid national ID card(passport makes the verification faster). To get a PalmPay Virtual Card, you will have to upgrade your PalmPay account to Tier.

FXkudi Virtual Card

Fxkudi is a Ghanaian company that offer various online services including providing a virtual card. You can link you virtual card to your mobile money account. you can register for Fxkudi virtual card here

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Do you know of any other virtual card providing companies? let us know in the comments below.

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