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How to Buy Stocks in Tesla

by Don Mark
how to buy stocks in Tesla

How to buy stocks in Tesla. So yo have probably heard Tesla is worth $1 trillion, It has one of the best performing stocks in the market and you are wondering whether is is still possible to buy Tesla stocks and how to get them. In this article, we will bring to you all you need to know on How to buy stocks in Tesla.

About Tesla

Tesla was founder in 2003 as an  electric vehicle and clean energy company. Tesla designs and manufactures electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, and related products and services. Tesla is one of the world’s most valuable companies and remains the world’s most valuable automaker with a market capitalization of nearly US$1 trillion.



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Tesla started trading in 2010 at $17. Since the shares of Tesla has multiplied several time.


How to Buy Stocks in Tesla

Get a Brokerage Account

Like all other stocks, you need a brokerage account to be able to buy Tesla Stocks.

A brokerage is more than just your ticket to ride TSLA to the moon, though. It also has all the research and education you need to be a successful investor as well as different types of investment accounts designed for particular goals.

If you’re investing for retirement, go with a tax-advantaged individual retirement account (IRA). This type of account gets tax breaks from Uncle Sam that can help your money grow even faster.

If you want more flexibility with your investment account—say you want to save for a Telsa of your own in the next few years—you probably want a taxable brokerage account. These let you invest for any purpose or time frame, though you’ll have to pay taxes each time you sell an investment for a gain or receive dividend income.

After creating your brokerage account, next is the get a plan for investing in Tesla stocks.

How to buy stocks in Tesla

What’s your budget? 

After you’ve paid all your expenses for the month, you’re free to save and invest whatever you have left. Ideally, you’re socking at least some of that into an emergency fund, if you don’t already have one, as well as retirement savings. But the rest you can put toward other investments, like Tesla.


What’s TSLA’s current price?

 Stock prices are always fluctuating, but Tesla’s stock price has been more than $400 a share for the past year. Because of that, you may not be able to buy a whole share of TSLA yet. Luckily, some brokerages, like Charles Schwab, Robinhood, Fidelity and Stash, let you buy portions of stocks called fractional shares.

What’s your investing strategy? 

Most people choose to invest one of two main ways: with a large lump sum all at once or with small amounts over time. This latter method, called dollar-cost averaging, may decrease your risk and help you pay on average less per share over time.

What about your other investments? 

If you’re investing already, you want to make sure you think about how Tesla fits in your portfolio. “Any individual stock purchase should play a relatively minor role in the portfolio of the average investor,” said Chip Workman, a certified financial planner (CFP) with The Asset Advisory Group. “A good rule of thumb is that no individual stock should make up more than 5% of a portfolio.”

Review Tesla’s Performance and Potential

Before buying Tesla stock—or any stock—it’s wise to do some research into the company’s financials, performance and future outlook. The easiest place to get started is through a company’s annual reports (Form 10-K) and quarterly reports (Form 10-Q). Public companies like TSLA are required to publicize detailed information about their financial health in these.

How to buy stocks in Tesla

Decide Your Order Type and Place It

Once you’ve decided how much you want to invest in Tesla, you can buy your first shares. You’ll need to log into your brokerage account and enter Tesla’s ticker symbol (TSLA) and the number of shares you want to buy or the dollar amount you want to invest.

You can use a simple market order to buy shares at their current price, or you can try a more sophisticated order type, like limit or stop, to purchase TSLA only if its price falls below a certain threshold.

Because Tesla is traded on the Nasdaq exchange, you can buy it Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. ET. If your brokerage provides access to pre-market and after-market trading, you can continue to place orders for a few hours before or after the market is open. Any orders received outside of hours you can trade during will be placed as soon as the exchange opens again.

Now that you know how to buy stocks in Tesla, you are set to becoming one of the new owners of Tesla Inc.

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