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How To Bet For Amateurs



How To Bet For Amateurs

How To Bet For Amateurs

How to bet for amateurs: When it comes to the world of sports betting, it can be a confusing place and especially to those people who consider themselves amateurs. Then again, even those people who consider themselves more knowledgeable, do not always have luck on their side.

While when it comes to luck, sometimes you need to make your own and the best way to do that, is by increasing your own knowledge of sports betting and with knowledge, comes power. Power that comes in the way of winning.

Because with more knowledge at your disposal, it will only increase your chances of coming out on top and even if you consider yourself an amateur, our guide will certainly help you become more professional in your approach.


If you are an amateur or maybe somebody who has never placed a bet before, the wide range of terminology used can often seem like another language and only if you can decipher the code, will you be a part of an elite members club.

However, we are going to provide you with a priceless cheat sheet and breakdown what some of the simpler terms mean and in doing so, we will offer you an insight into the world of exciting sports betting.

Single: Here you are betting on one outcome. If that outcome happens, you win and if it does not happen, you lose. It is as simple as that.

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Double:Here you are betting on two outcomes. For your bet to win, both outcomes must happen. Although this means double the effort, the odds of the two outcomes are combined and this means a bigger prize for you to win.

Treble: The same logic as a double, but here you are requiring three outcomes to win and with more selections, it means an even-bigger prize pot for you to collect.

Accumulator:A bet that has four or more selections and all outcomes must happen for you to win. This is a much tougher bet to get the better of, but the reward is far greater.

While although there are further variations on the kinds of bets you can place, and these will offer up even more in the way of terminology, the four aboveare the main staples of any regular betting slip.


The best piece of advice any potential gambler can be given is“bet on what you know”. With this principle in mind, it makes sense to focus on something you already have an interest in and make use of your own previous knowledge.

For example, if you are Africa’s biggest Manchester United supporter and you watch all their English Premier League games, then soccer is going to be your focus for betting and not, a sport such as Basketball.

Of course, if you follow every move that the Los Angeles Lakers make, then it would make perfect sense to place a wager on the NBA. Whatever your sporting passion is, it is wise to follow that direction.

Because when you start betting on sports that you do not really follow, you run a far greater risk of your account being emptied and although you can sometimes rely on lady luck, most of the time she is not smiling in your direction.


One of the best things about betting in this current age, is the fact that data is everywhere. Never have so many people had the ability to consume so many statistics and it is this information, that will enhance your chances of a win.

If you are looking to bet on a soccer game, now you can research how your favourite teamhave been performing lately and more importantly, how their opposition have also been playing in recent times.

Is your striker scoring a healthy number of goals? Where does your favourite club lie in the league table? Does the opposition have an injury to their star player? These are just a few questions you should try and answer.

It may take an additional amount of time to carry out this research, but it is certainly time well spent and for those who dive straight into their betting coupons, they are very rarely rewarded for their haste.


With the advancement of technology making betting easier than before, this progress should come with a word of caution. With the release of mobile apps and desktop platforms, it means you no longer need to enter a shop to try your luck.

This also means the speed of transactions are now a lot faster and although it is tempting to bet again after suffering a loss, sometimes you need to know when to close the app or turn off your computer.

The best way to install such important discipline, is by setting yourself a budget for each time you bet and if things are not going your way, say, “enough is enough” and simply come back another time instead.

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The thrill of sports betting is exciting, but you must make sure that the thrill does not overwhelm you at times. If you bet sensibly and know when to call it a day, there will be plenty more opportunities to win in the future.


If there is one thing you must always have when you place a sporting bet, it is a clear mind. While although it is very tempting to bet while consuming alcohol, it has the potential to impact your judgement.

Sometimes we make decisions that we would not when sober and when these decisions involve money at the same time, it has the potential for things to go wrong. Sometimes, very wrong indeed.

Therefore, it is always best to make sure that your betting slip and alcohol are not in proximity and with this in mind, why not place your bets before kick-off. Then you can relax and enjoy the game afterwards.