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We bring to you how to apply for Dubai visa

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, it is the capital of the Emirate. It provides lots of lucrative business opportunities for its inhabitants. In this article you will explore the processes involve in acquiring a visa to UAE (Dubai).


 Before applying for a visa, an applicant must know the type of visa he is applying for. The period of stay and the purpose defines the type of visa to apply for.

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria I: Travel Record

Applicants who have travelled at least once in the last 3 years to or has a valid visa for countries like UAE, USA, UK, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan.

Criteria II: Financial Records

Applicants not qualifying as per Criteria I (Travel Record) are required to submit proof of minimum gross income from business, profession or employment, which should exceed GHS 1500 per month. Businessmen and Professionals need to submit copies of bank statements of last 06 months along with originals for verification, with a company covering letter stating the purpose of visit.

Employed individuals need to submit salary slips of last 03 months and company covering letter confirming the employment.


Security Deposit equivalent to GHS 4750 (Refundable upon return and after producing the entry & exit stamp in UAE)

Criteria III: Invitation from immediate family member residing in UAE on family status

Spouse and children below 21 years of age AND / OR parents above 60 years of age can be invited.

Documents Required:

  • Invitation Letter with a copy of the UAE Residence Visa and Labour Contract attested by the Emirates Commercial Visa Section in UAE. Marriage certificate in case of invitation for spouse and Birth Certificate in case of invitation for children.

Criteria IV: Travel Agent Guarantee

Travel agents can give an indemnity letter on their company letterhead (as per format provided) to guarantee that their customers would return back as per the ticket itinerary. They would be liable to pay the penalty in case of applicant overstays in UAE.


Mandatory Documents

  • Original Passport for verification purposes (Must be valid for more than six months)
  • Coloured Passport Copies – Photo page, Bio Page and Profession page, expiry and any other special endorsement page
  • One Coloured Passport Size Photograph (Indicate full name on the reverse side of the photo and PPT No)
  • Emirates or Fly Dubai Airline confirmed ticket
  • Copy of National ID for Ghana nationals; for other Nationals Copy of Work / Residence Permit in Ghana or Dependent Pass.

Additional documents required in below specific circumstances

  • Student Traveling without Parents – NOC letter from parents. Photo identity of Parents / Guardian. (/Passport/Driving License), Financial Documents of Parents, Student ID card and Hotel / Relative address details in UAE.
  • Hall ticket copy specifying the date and venue in case the applicant is appearing for an exam.
  • Newly Married Couple: ***In case of the spouse name not endorsed on the passport. Marriage Certificate / Notarized Affidavit.



Now that you are ready with all your documents, Visa Application Form and other requirements, applicants can now visit the nearest visa application centre to apply for their visa to UAE.

Submission of Application:

1st Floor, Atlantic Towers,

Behind Marina Mall,

Airport City, Accra, Ghana

Alternatively the applicants can click here to submit their visa application form and upload their documents online. The payment can then be made at the  Visa Application Centre. This option can be used only if the applicant has a confirmed ticket on Emirates Airlines. Please ensure all original documents are taken to the visa application centre for verification purposes.


  • Ensure coloured photos are as per specifications Size 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms preferably white background.
  • Attach all supporting documents required as per checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.


Germany Visa application for Ghanaians

Germany Visa application for Ghanaians

The German Embassy in Accra is responsible for processing visa applications of residents of
The German Embassy in Accra processes Schengen visa applications on behalf of ESTONIA
for residents of GHANA.

Germany Visa application for Ghanaians

All applicants have to apply in person at the German Embassy in Ghana. Appointments can only be
booked through the Embassy’s Online Appointment System.

The processing of Schengen visa applications in general takes 7 days. Applicants are
encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of their intended travel date to allow
sufficient time for processing. Applications can be submitted up to 3 months before the
intended travel date.

The visa fee is 60.00Euro, only payable in cash in Ghana Cedi at the current exchange
rate of the Embassy. The processing fee is not refundable in case of denial of the visa.
Visa application forms are free of charge and are available on the website of the Embassy

Documents handed in prior to the appointment date cannot be accepted.
in addition to the standard requirements, additional supporting documents may be required,
depending on the specific nature of your application. The Embassy does not return forms,
photos or any documents in case of refusal or if the application is withdrawn. Fraudulent
documents may be sent to the relevant authorities.


In case of visa refusal, the applicant or an authorized third party may appeal in writing
against the refusal stating the file number and mailing address (P.O. Box) of the applicant.
Further supporting documents and background information should be provided with the
appeal letter. Please note that processing of appeals in general takes at least 4 weeks.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR Germany Visa application for Ghanaians

Every applicant is asked to provide the following mandatory documents  ie original plus 1 legible
copy of each document, unless otherwise specified at the appointment day, after having
booked an appointment via the Embassy’s website:

completed and signed visa application form for Schengen visa

signed declaration according to Sec. 54 Par. 2 No. 8 of the German Residence Act
 1 recent passport picture with white background (please do not attach to form!)
 visa fee of 60.00 Euro, only payable in cash in Ghana Cedi
 valid passport and 1 copy of the passport data page
Validity of passport must exceed the duration of intended stay in Germany by at least 3
months. Passport must contain at least 2 blank pages and must have been issued within
the past 10 years.
 previous passports, if available
 original birth certificate of the applicant, based on the first registration
 if minors (below 18 years of age) are not accompanied by both parents: parental consent of
both parents and copies of their passport/photo ID. In case of sole parental custody,
adequate proof has to be provided (e.g. court order, death certificate of other parent).
 flight reservation for round-trip (no ticket required)
 travel health insurance, covering entire duration of stay and valid for all Schengen States
 proof of accommodation / hotel reservation
 proof of sufficient financial means for intended stay

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Qatar visa for Ghanaian citizens

Qatar visa for Ghanaian citizens

Ghanaian citizens can apply for visa through Qatar online visa portal. this post will guide you to apply for Qatar visa online.

How to Apply and pay

Applications can be made a maximum of 90 days or minimum of 4 working days prior to travel. It is recommended   that you apply as early in advance as possible.Payment can be made with Visa /MasterCard debit or credit card only.

Application Requirements

All applicants must have a machine readable individual passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Qatar. Please note that you will not be able to apply for children who are endorsed on parent’s passport using this service. To complete the application, all applicants require clear, colored electronic scans of the following:

  • Passport information (bio page) /picture page(s)
  • A passport-size photo
  • Airline reservation (Qatar Airways passengers are not required to submit their reservation information)
  • Hotel reservation/confirmation or relevant documents for other place of stay in qatar


If you qualify for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), you will also need to provide one or more of the following:

Additional documents

In order to strengthen your application, you may upload additional documents, such as those listed below. Applications from some countries of residence are required to provide additional documents during the online application process.

  • Documents which show investments of USD $8,000 or more.
  • Income tax papers which show an annual gross income of USD $8,000 or more.
  • Evidence of travel in the last five years to any of the following countries: Qatar, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen countries, USA or UK.

if you have all the requirements above begin you application here

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American visa Requirements at the American Embassy in Ghana


If you need to obtain an American visa from the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, you’ll first have to figure out which type of visa you need: an immigrant visa or a nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visas are for visitors who want to enter the United States for a temporary period, while immigrant visas cover those seeking indefinite or permanent residence in the U.S. The U.S. Embassy in Accra is responsible for processing both types.

Applying for a Nonimmigrant American visa

All nonimmigrant American visa require applicants to fill out the DS-160 form, or the nonimmigrant visa electronic application. You can find this application online at the U.S. Travel Docs website, where you will also complete and submit the application. Make sure to answer all the questions in English, using English-language characters.

After submitting the DS-160, make an appointment for an interview at the embassy. Bring a passport valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the United States, a 2 by 2-inch photograph of yourself, and a receipt showing that you’ve paid the nonrefundable nonimmigrant visa application fee of $160.

Types of Nonimmigrant American visa

There are five major types of nonimmigrant American visa, each of which has its own requirements:

  1. Business/tourist visa: This one’s known as a B-1/B-2 visitor visa, and is for people traveling to the United States temporarily for business, pleasure or medical treatment. To qualify for this visa, you must prove that: your visit is temporary; you plan to remain in the United States for a specific, limited time period; you have the funds to support your trip; and you have a permanent residence in Ghana, as well as social and economic ties.
  2. Exchange visitor visa: If you’re traveling to the United States as part of an exchange program, this visa is for you. To apply for this type of visa, you must first be accepted an approved by an authorized program sponsor, at which point you’ll receive the necessary application documentation.
  3. Transit/ship crew visa: This visa is for people who regularly travel in transit through the United States while on their way to a foreign destination. The transit visa is for those seeking layover privileges, and requires that you provide evidence of transportation arrangements, sufficient funds for your transit journey and permission to enter your next destination country. The crew visa is for crew members of sea vessels or aircrafts that transit through the United States, and requires you to prove that: you don’t intend to be paid by a U.S. source; you plan to stay for only a specific, limited time period; and you have the funds to cover your trip expenses.
  4. Student visa: If you’re a student in Ghana and plan on studying in the United States, you’ll apply for a U.S. student visa through your Ghana-based school or educational program. There are a few types of student visas, but the most common is the F-1 visa, required for those studying more than 18 hours per week.
  5. Work visa: Work visas are reserved for those who want to work in the United States temporarily as nonimmigrants. The specific visas vary depending on the type of work you’re doing; you’ll usually have to ask your prospective U.S. employer to file a petition for you to apply for a work visa. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has to approve the petition before you can start the application process.

Applying for an Immigrant American visa

Most people looking to apply for an immigrant visa in the United States must fist seek sponsorship from a current U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. Your sponsor can be an immediate relative or a prospective employer, and she must file a petition for you to apply for immigrant status. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will have to approve the petition before you can get started on the official visa application process.

After your petition is approved, your game plan going forward will depend on the type of immigrant visa you’re hoping to obtain.

Types of Immigrant American visa

There are five main categories of U.S. immigrant visas, each of which requires its applicants to meet a unique set of qualifications:

  1. Family-based immigration: You’ll first have to determine whether you’re applying for a family-based visa under immediate relatives or family preference. The federal U.S. Visas website can help you determine which is right for you, and provide you with the relevant steps for application.
  2. Fiance visa: It’s exactly what it sounds like

– a visa for the non-U.S. citizen fiance of a U.S. citizen. This allows you to travel to the United States and marry your fiance within 90 days of your arrival.
3. Employment-based immigration: The United States makes approximately 140,000 employment-based immigration visas available each fiscal year, divided into five preference categories. Check out the U.S. Visas website to learn more about which category best suits you and whether it might include your immediate family members, as well.
4. Diversity visa: Each year, the United States makes 55,000 immigrant visas available in a lottery, aiming to diversify the U.S. immigrant population. Head to the U.S. Visas website to follow instructions for entering the lottery.
5. Returning resident visa: If you were at one point a lawful permanent resident of the United States but have returned to Ghana (or any non-U.S. country) for at least a year, you’ll need a new immigrant visa, called the returning resident visa, in order to move back to the United States.


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