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How Big Casino Market Outside the UK



How Big Casino Market Outside the UK

Did you know that there are over 36 million gamblers in the United Kingdom? This is one of the largest gambling markets in the world and it has been growing for a long period of time. 

This means that over 47% of the population gambles on a regular basis. But, what about other gambling markets on the planet? Which countries gamble the most? Let’s find out. 

Trends and Stats of Non UK Casino Market

Here we will cover which markets in the world are the biggest when it comes to gambling. Of course, this refers to a country and we can see countries with the highest number of gamblers and the biggest increase in gambling. An interesting fact is that most of the non-UK licensed casinos are available across these countries.


Australia has been known as a gambling paradise. Over 80% of the population gambles at some point and this number is only going up. Overall gambling yield is over £13 billion and the increase per 10 years is over 30%. An average gambler will use £694.07 for gambling per session. Horse racing is legalized across the country and it is one of the most popular sports to place bets on. Then we have pokies (these are online slots in Australia and New Zealand). These are extremely popular and many players play slots only. Of course, table games are appealing and extremely popular as well.

There are a lot of variations and versions when it comes to gambling in Australia. This form of entertainment is legalized and more popular in certain areas while it is less common in others. In a nutshell, it is a massive market that will become much bigger any time soon. 

China, Macau, and also Hong Kong

All we know is that the gambling yield in China is overall $36 billion. Sadly, due to countless restrictions and the fact that the country isn’t open to others and doesn’t share data, we don’t know the increase in gambling and other stats that you may want to know. We must add that this country is developing and gambling is becoming more common across it. In the near future, this will probably become the leader in the realm of gambling.

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Keep in mind that Macau is especially appealing when it comes to gambling. It is made to mimic the operations and the purpose of Las Vegas. As such, some claim that it is the best place to gamble in the whole Asia. 


After the United Kingdom, India is one of the largest countries when it comes to problem gamblers. The overall gambling yield is over £473 million and the increase per 10 years is 115.7%. Keep in mind that in 2014 the size of the market was £218.2 million and you can see the massive increase. Add the fact this country is developing faster than any other and you can imagine the potential and the future of gambling in India. Don’t forget that here, each jurisdiction can control gambling and there are many, different laws and requirements.

Poker is extremely popular in the country and horse racing. These two are probably impressive and stunning in numbers and we can see an increase as well. In addition, the internet is becoming more and more available across the country so we can see that more players are visiting online casinos in general and they are playing more games, betting more, and making the market bigger. 


At first sight, Singapore is a small country and there should be no a lot of gamblers. In reality, it is one of the largest gambling markets in the world of all time. The first casino was opened here back in 2010 and ever since, online and real world gambling became extremely popular. The overall yield per year is £3.4 billion and it increases over 40% per 10 years. Keep in mind that if you want to visit a real world casino in Singapore, you must pay an $81 entry fee. This is done so locals are discouraged from gambling.

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There are two sides to the story here. The government is trying to decrease the popularity of gambling but they get a huge amount of money from gambling. As such, it is not something we can easily generalize and predict the future. We do believe that Singapore will become an even bigger market for gambling and that there will be even more gamblers present and who want to enjoy this form of entertainment.  


The UK is still one of the largest gambling markets in the world and it will remain in that position. But, there are other markets and many different independent operators as well that are simply massive. These ones are some of the biggest and they will remain there. 

But, we do deserve to mention a few, honorable markets. These include Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and many more. In general, gambling is popular all across the globe.