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Google Facilities for Business




It is unlikely that there is anyone who has used a computer and has not searched Google. Most of us will know it just like a search engine, but for a business, it can do much more. It is not just here to help people find out about newly released films or the latest offer from automaty online, it can also be an important part of running a business. A business will be able to use many of the Google apps that are not used as much in home life. Google maps will help the drivers get the delivery to the customer on time. Calendars are needed for business, and again Google provides one that is easy to access.

Putting your Business Online

Google has encouraged businesses to go online and offer them help in all areas. Across the world, there will be thousands of organizations in multiple cities that can thank them for bringing their product or service to the attention of millions of potential customers. To help them, there were guides to using Google, training programs, and even free websites. Google my Business has been a help to small businesses as it allows them to be found through search and then maps. It is particularly helpful for businesses that tend to do most of their business locally – plumbers, decorators, etc.

Google Services

  1. Google posts 

Here you can add details of your company. Just locate your company and find the Knowledge panel. You will get instructions on how to add information and pictures. These will be visible to anyone who does a search that you fit into.

  1. Google AdWords 

This is a CPC – cost per click and can do a lot to drive customers to your site. Advertising on Google ensures that you reach a wide audience and only pay for clicks. Your name will still be seen for no charge, and you decide how much to pay each day. Just select the charge and how many clicks can be made.

  1. Google analytics 

Here you will be able to see where the visitors to your site came from and what they did when they were on the site. It will tell you who uses a computer and who uses a phone. Do the visitors click on certain areas or leave after looking at the home page? You can find out how long they spend there and begin to target your advertising.

  1. Google workspace 

It will provide you with web-based office programs. You will get cloud storage, and included is a calendar, drive, Gmail, docs, slides, sheets, and Hangout. Gmail will allow a customized business address. The calendar keeps you on schedule with reminders and allows calendars to be shared. Drive allows access anytime, anywhere to documents, and there is a word document, spreadsheet editor, and software for presentations. Hangouts let you hold online meetings. They can be as basic as messaging or as advanced as HD video calls. Full integration with other features is possible.

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