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Geography of the Wealthiest Gamblers in 2021


People all around the world are dying to know what it would be like to make a living as a professional gambler. As it turns out, there is an extensive list of wealthy gamblers, who probably had some of their best year ever in 2021.


But make no mistake with expectations and illusions, as these gamblers also suffered big losses. What has set them apart is that they knew how to play intelligently, using strategies, reliable and safe sites such as SlotsUp, and a lot of patience to achieve success.

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In this article we would like to reveal to you the geography of the wealthiest gamblers in 2021. 


Bill Benter | Blackjack & Horse Racing – United States

Total Net Worth: $1 Billion

For Benter, it all started in Las Vegas. He was born in Pennsylvania and has a degree in Physics, in which he immediately stood out for his incredible mathematical skills. 

It turns out that his knowledge of mathematics and his intellect are so incredible, that most of the big casinos in Las Vegas have already banned him for life – and he’s only been in the industry for seven years.

It was when he met Alan Woods that he moved to Hong Kong to gamble at Horse Racing. After parting ways with Woods, Benter honed his horse betting skills to such an extent that he even created his own software.


2021 was a particularly good year for him, as he managed to bank over $100 million, with single races bringing him up to $10 million.

Edward Thorp | Blackjack & Baccarat – United States

Total Net Worth: $800 Million

Apart from being a professional gambler, Thorp is also a mathematics teacher and author. In fact, he can be called as the inventor of the first wearable computer which he created together with Claude Shannon in 1961.

Edward Thorp did not take long to become the world’s wealthiest gambler on several occasions. His beginnings were on Wall Street, where he used his mathematical skills to predict real abnormalities.

In addition to being a genius thinker, Thorp is so good at Blackjack that he was even inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame


Zeljko Ranogajec | Blackjack & Horse Racing – Australia

Total Net Worth: $610 Million AUD

Even if it is true that $610 million AUD is only $450 million USD in 2021, Ranogajec easily makes it to the podium of the wealthiest gamblers of the year.


Born in Australia, Zeljko did not study mathematics, but tax, finance, and banking. He taught himself to count cards in Blackjack while working in a casino. As it turned out, he was soon banned from all land-based casinos in Australia, so he moved to the United States. 

It didn’t take him long to get kicked out of Las Vegas either, so he’s now back in Australia and his big success last year came from horse betting.

Terry Ramsden | Horse Racing – UK

Total Net Worth: $200 Million


Terry is not just a professional gambler, so to speak. His specialty is the Japanese business market, where he was already successful in the 80s. Although it was not that market that made him the 57th richest person in the UK.

Ramsden is very famous in the horse racing world, although he started with low stakes races, until he invested and bought a company specialized in betting on horses. 

It took three years for his company to create revenues of $4.1 billion USD. Although this revenue did not come directly from his betting activity, Terry still managed to make it onto this list with a net worth of over $200 million.


These are just some of the biggest and most interesting names of professional gambling, with a huge number of wealthy players following their footsteps. 

Let’s see what 2022 will say about these gamblers, and perhaps there will be some new addition to the wealthiest and luckiest players worldwide.



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