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Game Bonuses in Online Casinos: What Are They, How to Wager and Withdraw Them?

Gaming bonuses are automatically credited to the client after registering on the casino
website to play for real money. There is no such option in demo versions of slot machines.
Gaming bonuses with a good combination of circumstances allow you to save your own
Any bonus will have to be wagered through regular real money bets on gaming slots.
Usually, such online venues as Zodiac Casino set their own betting limit, upon reaching
which the player has the right to dispose of the accrued bonus at their own discretion.

The basis for crediting bonuses may be:
● actual registration in a virtual casino;
● inviting new members through affiliate or referral links;
● replenishment of the balance in the gaming account;
● use of promotional codes from partner sites when making transactions;
● obtaining a special status on the project (“Profi”, “Master”, “Expert”, etc.);

● the onset of an event significant for the player (birthday, the anniversary of
registration, etc.).
Why Does the Casino Give Out Gaming Bonuses?
Any casino is interested in an influx of law-abiding and solvent customers. Already at the
start, it is ready to pay for obtaining reliable information about such persons, which they
themselves will inform the institution through a special registration form. This approach
helps to avoid automatic and “empty” registrations, as well as cheating with the help of
special software, to make communication between customers and the casino administration
less formal.
Bonus Wagering Rules
How to wager a casino bonus? To spend your own funds on a certain number of bets. If
successful, the player will receive both the bonus and the money earned on the bets.
A certain percentage of the bet, called a contribution, can be counted towards wagering the
bonus. This percentage, depending on the type of slot machine, varies from zero to one
hundred percent:

  1. Zero percent is used in cases where the size of the bet does not matter, and only the
    number of bets is taken into account.
  2. With a 100% contribution, the entire amount of the bet is accepted as a wagering
    offset. Most often, intermediate values ​​of the contribution are used.

The time allotted for wagering the bonus is strictly limited. This restriction requires the
player to be active during the day, week, month or another limited period — it all depends on
the conditions of a particular game.
The bigger the bonus, the shorter the wagering period will be. Typically, the bonus burns out
if additional conditions for its provision are not met. Usually, it is the admissibility of betting
only on a strictly defined range of slot machines or slots. It makes sense to familiarize
yourself with the rules for wagering bonuses and existing prohibitions immediately after
registering in a virtual gambling establishment.

Withdrawal Conditions

Casinos deliberately set unfavorable conditions for withdrawing bonus amounts. As a rule, a
preliminary replenishment of the balance at the expense of own funds is required, and it is
these funds that will be debited in the first place. The accrued bonus will begin to be spent
only after the player’s current account is reset to zero. Therefore, bonus wagering is most
often associated with the preliminary wagering of one’s own funds.

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