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Debunking Common Casino Slot Machine Myths



A large share of casino revenues comes from slot machines. Many people play slots because they are fun and require no special skills. Besides, all land-based and online casinos offer slots, so finding where to play this type of game is a walk in the park. 

New slots are introduced all the time, providing players with hours upon hours of fun. In addition, slots offer some rewarding in-game bonuses. To make things even more appealing for reel spinners, most casinos offer bonuses. There are many myths and misconceptions relating to slot machines, as reported by bestcasinosites

Slot machines are rigged 

If you are among the people who have lost a large chunk of their money on slots, you probably believe that slots are rigged. The truth is that slots have an RTP (Return to Play), which shows a player’s potential winnings. For example, if you play a slot game that has an RTP of 96%, you are expected to win 96% of the money you wagered, and the other 4% is the house edge. 

In addition, no land-based or online casino would risk its reputation and license to offer rigged games. The house will win anyway in the long term because of the house edge. Moreover, casino games are independently audited, proving the RNG produces unbiased outcomes.

Slot machines have hot and cold streaks 

Many players claim that slots go on hot and cold streaks. Slot machines that have paid out recently are hot. The first slot machines were, indeed, programmed to pay out after some time. That is how the myth about the hot and cold slot machines was created. 

Over the years, technological advancements have significantly changed the gambling industry. Modern slot machines run on the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG), ensuring that every spin is random and independent. 

Players should not use the auto spin feature if they want to win 

Superstitious slot fans believe that activating the auto spin feature decreases their chances of winnings. This myth lacks any sense because slots utilize an RNG, and the spin outcome will not change because you press the Spin button every time. After all, the RNG system cannot know whether you have activated the auto spin feature or not.  

Players cannot improve their chances of winning

Many slot fans think that they cannot improve their chances of winning. At first, that sounds logical because the outcome of each spin is random. The only thing players can do is manage their bankrolls properly and protect themselves from substantial losses. But as mentioned above, each slot game has an RTP, meaning that some games offer a better payout rate than others. Thus, reel spinners should choose slots that have a higher RTP. 

If you claim a casino bonus, you are less likely to win 

Casinos often offer bonuses to lure in newcomers and retain their existing players. Some slot fans think that if they claim a bonus, they will reduce their chances of winning. But this is baseless because the RNG cannot know whether a player claims a casino bonus. Moreover, the RNG software does not change if you benefit from a casino promotion. Of course, you have to familiarize yourself with the bonus terms, but that has nothing to do with the payout ratio of the slot games. 

Using a betting strategy will help you improve your chances of winning

Over the years, many mathematicians have tried to create a betting strategy that helps players overcome the house edge and maximize their profits. But the truth is that no betting strategy is flawless. In addition, betting strategies do not reduce the house edge.

Slots that have just paid out will not produce a winning outcome soon 

Some slot fans prefer to avoid slot machines that have paid out recently because they believe that slots follow some cyclical payment pattern. But the spin outcome is unpredictable, and the mere fact that a given slot machine has produced a winning outcome recently does not decrease your chances of winning, and vice versa – if a slot machine has not paid out for long does not mean it will pay out soon.

Source: Glusea