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David Kracov Net Worth 2024



David Kracov Net Worth

Who is David Kracov and what is his net worth 2024?

Continue to read this article to find out who David Kracov is and what his net worth is.

David Kracov net worth 2024: David Kracov is an American painter, sculptor and animator.


Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on 31 July 1968, art has continued to run through David Kracov’s veins since being a young child.

The artist was able to win first place in an art competition at the age of 12 and became one of the youngest artists to have a piece be shown in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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The 52-year-old went to college at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, and managed to obtain a degree that allowed him to move to the west coast of California, as he went to Los Angeles to try and forge a career for himself in animation.


David Kracov is an artist that is able to do a number of different pieces of artwork, using various techniques and artistic methods. The American has managed to master animation, sculpting via the use of clay and the ability to use steel and metal to create a number of other artistic designs.

He is perhaps most famous for his metal wall sculptures and the Looney Tunes shadow boxes that he continues to create, having worked for Warner Bros Studios. He was initially commissioned to create a limited edition chess set with just 50 of them being made over a seven-month period, but they instantly sold out within two days of being released.

The artist would go on to become the exclusive licensed sculptor for the studios and their characters, although he was approached by Disney who had wanted him to create a number of sculptors for them, ranging from characters to chess sets.

The American has also gone on to include at least one butterfly in most of the sculptures he creates, as a tribute to Pavel Friedmann’s poem ‘The Butterfly’. Coca-Cola also commissioned him to create a butterfly-themed sculpture titled “Open Happiness” to celebrate 125 years.


Kracov has been incredibly busy throughout his professional career, as the artist has managed to create a number of different series of works.

Many of them have become renowned around the world, with series such as ‘The Book of Love’ and ‘The Book of Life’ being amongst the most notable.

Further art pieces include his 3D sculptures, his wall sculptures and his continued ability to create a number of metal sculptures that are designed as a heart.

Each of the works that Kracov produces each come with vibrant colours and remain as bright as he can possibly make them, whilst always conveying a rather positive message of love with his pieces.


David Kracov has gained worldwide notoriety for his artwork, which has made him an incredibly popular artist and one that has seen him gain a following of some rather big celebrities. For instance, individuals such as Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Douglas have all had works in their collection from the artist.

He has had numerous exhibitions for his artwork, with locations all around the world having been exposed to the work that he has produced over a number of years, including various major cities in Europe, Asia and North America.

David Kracov Net Worth

David Kracov’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, with the overall figure not having been disclosed to everyone. Therefore, there have been numerous different estimations, although the figures stated above would have to be considered the safest!

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