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Dating Tips For Shy Guys



Dating tips for shy guys brings to you the best dating tips for shy guys.

If you have ever caught yourself in love with a girl but find it difficult to  have conversations with her, then this post is crafted to help you out.

Finding a special person you love and adore and getting same from the person is a challenge for everyone. This can be extremely difficult for guys who are shy.If you find that your shyness is inhibiting your ability to communicate with women, here are some useful dating tips for shy guys:


1)      Find friends who are more outgoing than you are. By simply going out with trusted friends who are already the life of the party, you will find it much easier to loosen up and come out of your shell. Do this often, and you will find yourself naturally becoming more like your outgoing friends.

2. Build friendships with women you aren’t attracted to.
A great way to build confidence talking to the opposite sex is to do just that, with women you aren’t attracted to romantically. Build friendships, engage in conversation with them, and get comfortable being around them.



3. Focus on yourself.
Forget about approaching women right now. What you need to do is to focus on yourself and what makes you happy apart from a relationship. You’ll start building your confidence up in other non-romantic areas and that transfers over.

4. Find friends who are more outgoing than you are.
Being around people who are louder and more extroverted will subconsciously help you to relax. Plus, you won’t have to do all the work when it comes to approaching women and initiating conversation.

5)      Man up. Beating your shyness is a process that takes time, but you can do it, so just accept the fact that it’s going to be uncomfortable and possibly even terrifying. Accept the fear, and do it anyway! It’s the only way you’re going to grow.


Dating Tips For Shy Guys


Number 6 of 10 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

6)      Improve your body language. Do you slouch when you walk? Stare at the ground? Shove your hands into your pockets? Focus on having strong, confident body language, and you will begin to feel more confident. Make sure to smile, too, because when you force yourself to behave in a specific manner, your brain then produces the appropriate chemicals, and the feelings become real.

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7. Change your outcome.
What if you totally changed how you see yourself approaching women from now on? What if the goal was no longer to get her number, or a date, and it was only to get better at talking to women?

If someone slips away, that’ll be okay, because you will still have learned and gotten a little closer towards your goal. This is a game you can win.

8. Embrace your shyness.
Being shy is not something you need to distance yourself from, so long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on your life and relationships. At the end of the day, humbleness is sexy as hell. As is talking to someone who doesn’t quite realize how incredible they are, and doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention or the loudest person in the room all the time.


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9. Retrain your brain.
If you’ve had bad dating experiences in the past, it’s time to let them go. You’re not that same person, and your past is not who you are. Thinking that you’ll never find someone is only going to help you manifest that belief in your future.


Believe that you will find someone amazing. Believe that your dating life is about to get a lot better. When you think positively, you’ll be more likely to draw positive experiences into your life, and also find opportunities in the less-than-good ones.

Number 10 of 10 Dating Tips For Shy Guys

10. Don’t try too hard to be someone else

Most often, shy guys can try a bit too hard to impress their ladies or crushes. But that is totally not healthy because you can’t keep up with that forever. She might fall for that hard persona you create rather than the real you. Read more on How to Get Out of the Comparison Trap

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