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Criss waddle net worth 2022



Criss waddle net worth 2020

what is Criss waddle net worth 2022 ?

We bring to you Criss waddle net worth 2022 in this post

Kweku Addai professionally known as Criss Waddle, is a Ghanaian hip hop recording artist from Tema. He is the CEO of AMG Business, the record label which is known to have introduced rapper Medikal into mainstream.

He is known for songs like Bie Gya, Forgetti Obiaa and Ayi. Criss Waddle net worth 2020 has not been said publicly however one can estimated that Criss Waddle is worth millions of dollars owing to his lavish lifestyle.



Criss Waddle is not shy when it comes to spending his money on cars. He makes a point of purchasing state of the art, luxurious and insanely expensive wheels. Here is a list of some of the machines Criss Waddle has in his garage.

Mercedes Benz AMG This is Criss Waddle’s new car. On December 31st 2018 , Criss Waddle bought himself a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG as a new year’s gift for himself! He flaunted his new German machine on his Instagram page.


Criss Waddle’s girlfriend also drives a red 2009 Mercedes Benz C class. It’s a C300 model with personalized plates. And the car looks amazing!

The 2015 Range Rover Sport This luxurious white 5 seater, 4 wheel drive 3, 340-510 horsepower V6 engine beast is one of the pricey cars in Criss Waddle’s garage.

In addition to these features, the car also has also been customized with a personalized number plate with the initials “Waddle”.


Chevrolet Camaro If you are a fan of American muscle cars you probably know of the Camaro. The Chevrolet Camaro is one of Criss Waddles cars; the white and black customized American made car truly shows that Criss Waddle fancies luxury cars. The car also comes at a price, with the price being roughly 25,000 dollars

Criss Waddle has an amazing fleet of cars. He has a Mercedes, a 2013 Camaro and others which he refers to as “little” cars.

Criss Waddle’s new Audi that he bought recently has been the talk all over the social media. It is clear that he loves cars and has the means to fund such a lavish lifestyle. Criss says that he owes such achievements to God.

Criss Waddle net worth

Waddle has also been silent about his net worth but judging form his lifestyle, he is quite rich. He drives the world’s high-end cars, he must be worth some million dollars!

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