Christian Sewing Net Worth and Biography

Christian Sewing net worth

What is Christian Sewing net worth: Christian Sewing is a German banker who currently serves as the CEO of Deutsche Bank. Read about Christian Sewing net worth and biography


Christian Sewing Net Worth

Sewing was born on 24 April 1970. He earned his Abitur in 1989. He completed an apprenticeship program at Deutsche Bank in Bielefeld, graduating with a banking qualification from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 1991.

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Christian then studied business administration at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in Frankfurt.


Sewing first worked in the branches of Deutsche Bank as a 19-year-old trainee in Bielefeld and Hamburg, then as a junior corporate client advisor in Toronto, as Chief Credit Officer in Japan, and six years as a risk manager in London.

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From 2005 until 2007, Sewing was a member of the management board of Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank.

From 2010 to 2012, he was chief credit officer. He has worked in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Toronto.

From 2012 to 2013, he was deputy chief risk officer. Sewing was head of group audit from June 2013 to February 2015, prior to which he held a number of management positions in risk management.


From January 2016, Sewing oversaw Deutsche Bank’s private and commercial banking division, which includes the lender’s network of German retail branches, but has a low profile outside of Germany.

On 8 April 2018, Sewing became CEO at Deutsche Bank, replacing John Cryan. That year, he led Deutsche Bank to its first profit in four years and launched talks with Commerzbank on a potential merger.

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After his first year, his 7 million euro compensation made him one of the best paid chief executives in European banking.


 As of September, Christian will spend 15% of his monthly net salary buying the German lender’s shares as part of his efforts to revive the bank’s profitability. 

Sewing was the head of Deutsche Bank’s audit division during Deutsche Bank’s $10 billion money-laundering scandal involving its Moscow operations.

The auditing division gave its Moscow office a clean bill of health, despite serious irregularities.

Christian Sewing Net Worth

Christian Sewing net worth 2022 is estimated at $80 million. He takes an annual base salary of $4 million

Sewing will buy a chunk of shares equal to 15 percent of his net salary until the end of 2022, according to a filing from the German lender on Monday. This would add up to a total investment of €850,000 in the period, according to a spokesperson for the bank. Mr Sewing has already spent €44,058 on buying 6,563 shares in July and August.