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Charles Dance Net Worth 2023

Charles Dance net worth

Charles Dance net worth and Biography

Charles Dance net worth 2023: Charles Dance is a popular English movie star, movie director and screenwriter who has been in the movie industry for five decades. He is famous for his roles as a villain and assertive bureaucrats in movies. Dance has starred in several hundreds of movies including the Game of Thrones  and The Ghost Rider, among others. He has also built a good reputation as a screenwriter and was even privileged to direct the film Ladies in Lavender where he was also the screenwriter of the film. Keep rerading as we bring to you Charles Dance net worth and biography here.


Charles Net worth Dance Profile 

Net worth $8 Million 
Full name Charles Walter Dance
Date of birth 10 October, 1946
Nationality British 
Occupation Actor, writer, screenwriter 
Marital status Divorced
Years active 1974-present 

Early Life 

Charles Dance was born Charles Walter Dance in Redditch, Worcester shire, England on 10 October, 1946. His father Walter Dance was an electrical engineer, while his mother Eleanor Marion Perks was a cook. 

He attended Widey Technical School for boys, Crownhill. After high school, Dance got enrolled in De Montfort University where he studied Graphic Design and Photography. 



Charles Dance acting career began in 1974 where he made his first appearance as an actor in the ITV series ‘Father Brown. He also worked for Royal Shakespeare Company’s production in London and Stratford-upon-Avon. 


Charles Dance made his major acting debut in the film ‘For Your Eyes Only’ as an evil henchman Claus in 1981. He also starred in the  movie ‘The Professionals’  where he acted the role of a South African assassin. 

Dance later rose to prominence in 1984 after starring in the film ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ by Christopher Morphan, where he acted the character of Guy Peron and later received several plaudits for the way he acted the role. 

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As Charles Dance’ popularity kept on increasing, he began receiving more acting roles in many British TV series such as Murder Rooms, Bleak House, The Phantom of the Opera, Randall and Hopkirk, Rebecca etc. Due to his outstanding performances in his respective roles, he received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a movie. 


Charles Dance also featured as a guest actor in the TV series, Game of Thrones and also in Merlin where he acted as a witch- finder. In the movie Godzilla: king of monsters, which was released in 2019, Charles Dance played the role of an antagonist. 


Charles Dance has appeared in the following movies

  • The Golden Child
  • Good Morning, Babylon
  • Pascali’s Island
  • Last Action Hero
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • White Mischief
  • Hidden City
  • Kabloonak
  • Space Truckers
  • Black and White
  • Labyrinth
  • Ladies in Lavender
  • Ironclad
  • Underworld: Awakening
  • Justin and the Knights of Valour
  • Dracula Untold
  • Victor Frankenstein
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  • Underworld: Blood Wars
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  • The King’s Man
  • The Jewel in the Crown
  • Goldeneye: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming
  • In the Presence of Mine Enemies
  • Mysteries of the Real Sherlock Holmes

Awards and Honors

On June 17, 2006 Charles Dance was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

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He also won the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in 2002. 

Dance also won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2002.


In 2020 he won the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Personal Life

Charles Dance tied the knot with his lovely wife Joanna Haythorn in 1970. Their union yielded two beautiful children Matthew and Oliver Dance. The couple later went their separate ways in 2004. 

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Charles Dance net worth

Charles Dance net worth 2023 is estimated at $8 million. He earned this through his illustrious career as an actor, director and screen writer. In recent times, Sir Dance is best known for his guest appearance in the Game of Thrones where he made over $50,000 per episode.

What is Charles Dance Famous for?

Charles Dance is famous for his outstanding role in HBO’s Game of Thrones where he starred as Tywin Lannister.

Did you Know?

Charles Dance is not a fashion freak. According to him, he loves to go on a casual wear like T-shirts and jeans especially when he is at home. 

How Tall is Charles Dance?

Charles Dance who is 75 years old is about 190cm (6ft 3inches) tall.

Charles Dance Quotes

“When you have a label stuck on you, people tend to believe it. If someone calls you suave and debonair, you only get offered parts in a suit and a collar and tie. It just so happens I wear them reasonably well.” – Charles Dance

“You should encourage a child to show off. You can say to a child, ‘Stop being rude,’ ‘Stop shouting,’ ‘Stop jumping around on the furniture.’ But ‘Stop showing off’? That’s awful.”-Charles Dance

“I’m riddled with cynicism. Whenever anyone says ‘trust me,’ the hairs go up on the back of my neck.”-Charles Dance

“In my home, I listen to music; I play music: I play guitar and I play ukelele. And I swim and I ride a bike and I do all the things that everybody else does.”-Charles Dance

“Your senses are reeling all the time. Finally you find something to write and the very next day you go out and see something else which totally contradicts what you’ve written and every conclusion you’ve come to.”-Charles Dance

Charles Dance net worth Summary

Charles Dance has an estimated fortune of $8 Million. He is a recipient of an Emmy award.

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