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Cal Bank Branches and Contacts

Cal bank Branches and contacts

Find the locations and contacts Cal Bank branches in Ghana here

CalBank formerly Continental Acceptances Ltd and Cal Merchant Bank commenced operations in July 1990, providing world-class financial solutions to the Ghanaian banking sector. CalBank received its Universal Banking License in 2004 and soon commenced providing specialized retail banking services.

Cal Bank Branches

Cal Bank Branches in Greater Accra

Achimota Branch

P. O. Box 14596
Accra, Ghana
Achimota, Accra

GPS CODE: GA- 204 – 8950

Tel: +233 26 300 8191 / +233 26 321 1563

Airport City Branch

NCA building-Airport City
Email: [email protected]
NCA building-Airport City

GPS CODE: GL -126 – 6824

Tel: +233 24 340 0264 / +233 24 340 0267

Dansoman Branch

House No 21
First Annege Link Dansoman,
P. O. Box 14596 Accra-Ghana
Tel 0302 336582 / 030 2336583

GPS CODE: GA-537-0812

Tel: +233 54 434 1556 / +233 54 434 1570

Derby Avenue

P.O. Box 14596, Accra.
Fax: (233) 30 2662064

GPS CODE: GA-141-8259

Tel: +233 26 300 8177 / +233 54 010 9483

East Legon Branch

Plot # 214
Lagos Avenue
East Legon, Accra

GPS CODE: GA -378 -0107

Tel: +233 026 300 2944 / +233 26 608 8998 / +233 54 011 0942

Graphic Road

P.O.Box 14596, Accra-Ghana
Fax: (233) 30 2678220
Graphic Road

GPS CODE: GA-216-2363

Tel: +233 263 775946 / +233 26 300 8170

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Head Office

(Head Office Branch)
P.O.Box 14596
Fax: (233-302) 680081,680083
23 Independence Avenue, Ridge

GPS CODE: GA-055-4585
Tel: +233 30 268 0061-9 / +233 26 300 8164 / +233 24 434 3713

Independence Avenue (Head Office)

(Head Office Branch)
P.O.Box 14596
Fax: (233-302) 680081,680083
23 Independence Avenue, Ridge

GPS CODE: GA-055-4585
Tel: +233 54 433 1093 – 5 / +233 24 434 3713 / +233 23 298 9815

Labone Branch

Plot # B144,
Josiah Tongogari Rd.
Labone, Accra.
P. O. Box 14596 Accra-Ghana
Labone, Accra

GPS CODE: GL-013-2736

Tel: +233 54 434 1551 / +233 54 434 1552 / +233 26 313 7955

Legon Branch

University of Ghana, Jubilee Hall
Fax: (233) 30 7020245

GPS CODE: GA – 419-6800

Tel: +233 55 649 0044

Osu Branch

Osu Oxford Street
P.O.Box 14956 Accra, Ghana
Osu Oxford Street

GPS CODE: GA-081-4040

Tel: +233 26 301 8233

Private Banking

World Trade Center

GPS CODE: GA – 077 – 3170

Tel: +233 263 018 232 / +233 302 680 053

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Ring Road Central Branch

P.O.Box 14596 Accra,Ghana
Ring Road Central

GPS CODE: GA-027-0340

Tel: +233 263 003 925

Ring Road West

P.O.Box 14596,Accra-Ghana
Fax:(233) 030 2815837
Email:[email protected]
Spintex Road

GPS CODE: GT – 366 -2188

Tel: +233 30 281 5835 / +233 26 300 8180 / +233 30 281 5829

Tema Community 1

GPS CODE: GT – 021 – 6090

Tel: +233 54 434 1560 / +233 26 300 8186 / +233 26 313 8957

Tema Community 25

GPS CODE: GK -0146 – 2069

Tel: +233 26 379 2750 / +233 26 379 2760

Tema Industrial Area

CalBank Ltd.
Private Mail Bag
Tema, Comm. 1 Post Office
Fax: (233) 30 3310778
Tema Industrial Area

GPS CODE: GT- 071- 1198

Tel: +233 26 377 5949 / +233 54 434 1567 / +233 26 399 5954 / +233 26 377 5949

West Hills Mall

No. 1 Dunkonaa Estate
P. O. Box WJ 1057
Fax:(233) 30 2854059
Email: [email protected]
West Hills Mall

GPS CODE: GS – 0207 -6820

Tel: +233 54 0110 941

Ashanti Region

Adum Branch

GPS Code: AK-038-8058
Melcom Building, Adum
P. O. Box 1921, Kumasi
Tel: +233 55 648 9983 / +233 54 434 1553

Asafo Branch

Kumasi Neoplan Station
P.O. Box 1921, Kumasi.
Asafo, Kumasi

GPS CODE: AK – 066-5423

Tel: +233 30 702 0253 / +233 26 379 2761 / +233 26 379 2763

Kejetia Branch

Plot No. 1-3 & 10-12, S.A.T Yard
P.O.Box PC 54, Prempeh Kumasi

GPS CODE: AK – 006 – 1202

Tel: +233 54 433 6740

KNUST Branch

Hospital Road,
P.O.Box UP 1016
KNUST -Kumasi
Email:[email protected]

GPS CODE: AK – 315-0460

Tel: +233 54 434 1563 / +233 26 405 0189 / +233 26 643 4992

Nhyiaeso Branch

13 Old Bekwai Road,
P.O.Box 1921,kumasi, Ghana
Fax:(233-51) 26657

GPS CODE: AK-135-2678

Tel: +233 26 300 8182

Suame Branch

P.O.Box 1912,Kumasi
Fax:(233) 51 83639

GPS CODE: AK- 030 – 7862

Tel: +233 2630 03930

Cal Bank Branches in Western Region

Essiama Branch

Cal bank Branches and contacts

P. O. Box 14596
Accra, Ghana

GPS CODE: WE-0151-2966

Tel: +233 26 902 3653

Sekondi Road Branch

GPS CODE: WS – 128 – 4494

Tel: +233 26 301 1328 / +233 55 649 0046

Takoradi Harbour Branch

27 Harbour Business Area,
P. O. Box 447, Takoradi, Ghana
Fax: (233) 31 2024416
Tel:2795 ACCEPT GH

GPS CODE: WS-406-8075

Tel: +233 31 202 4412 / +233 31 202 4717 / +233 2630 02945

Takoradi Market Circle Branch

P.O. Box Td 447, Takoradi
Fax: (233) 31 2025596

GPS CODE: WS-245-3285

Tel: +233 26 379 2769 / +233 26 379 2768 / +233 54 433 6745

Tarkwa Branch

GPS CODE: WT-0005-6893

Tel: +233 24 030 2674 / +233 312 321019 / +233 54 433 6744

Northern Region

Tamale Branch

GPS Code: NT-0013-3887
P.O. Box TL1618
Plot No. 116 Ward A Res.

Tel: +233 26 300 8171

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Net Worth

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer net worth

Glusea brings to you Ole Gunnar Solskjaer net worth net worth

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is a Norwegian professional football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of English club Manchester United.

As a player, he played as a forward and spent most of his career with Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer net worth is $80 million

Early life

Solskjær was born in Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal to Øyvind, a Greco-Roman wrestling champion, and Brita Solskjær. At the age of seven, he joined local football club Clausenengen, who were in the 3. divisjon. 

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Solskjær supported Liverpool as a child. Between the ages of eight and ten, he followed in his father’s footsteps and trained as a Greco-Roman wrestler, but gave it up due to being tossed around too much. Between 1992 and 1993, Solskjær completed a mandatory year’s national service in the Norwegian Army.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer net worth

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Net Worth

Solskjaer’s net worth is 22million Norwegian crowns (kr), or £1.9million at the present time, according to Josimar.

In an article titled: “Where has the money gone?” the magazine claims Solskjaer has earned more than 300million kr, or £27million at the moment, throughout his career.

However, according to his income tax returns, which the paper claims they have seen, he only lists 22million kr.

During his 11 year career at Manchester United, he earned just shy of £20million.

In addition, he received a whopping £5million for a testimonial game when his career there ended, however, much of this was expected to go to charity.

When he returned to coach Norwegian team Molde he earned 4.4million Norwegian crowns (kr) £500,000 per year.

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In 2015 he became the Norwegian league Tippeligaen’s best-paid managers.

When he coached the team in 2012 he earned half that amount.

However, the year after he revealed he had earned 16million kr (£1.9million) in the year of 2016.

It is safe to say Solskjaer will be adding to his net worth now he is manager of Man Utd.

Personal Life

Solskjaer is married to Silje Solskjaer, 44, who he has three children with – Noah, Karna and Elijah.

The pair got together in 1992, but they took a brief break while he was in the military because she thought she had fallen out of love, according to Norwegian magazine Se Her.

However, they quickly found back to each other, with Silje saying: “I couldn’t have a better boyfriend than Ole Gunnar. He is incredibly kind and thoughtful

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Tunde Folawiyo Net Worth

Tunde Folawiyo net worth

What is Tunde Folawiyo net worth

Tunde Folawiyo Net Worth is $650M according to Forbes

Tunde Folawiyo is the managing director of the Yinka Folawiyo Group, conglomerate with interests in energy, agriculture, shipping, real estate and engineering.

His father, Wahab Folawiyo, a well known Nigerian businessman and Islamic leader, started the group in 1957 as a commodities trading outfit and served as chairman until 2008 when he passed away. Folawiyo now calls the shots.

The company’s oil exploration firm, Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum, owns a 60% interest in an oil block that contains the Aje offshore field. Other assets include minority stakes in Nigeria’s Access Bank and mobile phone carrier MTN Nigeria.

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Tunde Folawiyo was educated at the London School of Economics, where he obtained a B.Sc degree in Economics in 1980, and an LL.B in 1984. He obtained an LL.M degree from the University College London in June 1985.

Yinka Folawiyo Group of Companies

In 1957, Tunde’s father started Yinka Folawiyo & Sons as a commodity trading company. The company was established to carry out import and export activities between Nigeria and other countries.

In 1956, his father became the first entrepreneur to develop trading activities between Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Yinka Folawiyo & Sons grew its activities across the region, trading in commodities such as sugar, cement, construction materials, tinned and frozen fish, dairy products and rice.

As the company progressed, it evolved into Yinka Folawiyo Group with subsidiaries in shipping, oil and gas, real estate and agriculture.

Subsidiaries of Yinka Folawiyo Group

Maritime Associates International

The company was incorporated in 1967 as a shipping and forwarding agency. Maritime Associates was invited by the Nigerian Produce Marketing Company (NPMC) to be a national carrier for Nigerian agricultural exports.

United Property Developers

The company was incorporated in 1971 when there was growing need in Lagos for commercial and residential properties. Ever since then, it has developed warehouses, residential and office properties across Nigeria.

Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum

Incorporated in 1982 and has become one of the leading indigenous oil companies in Nigeria. The company was granted an Oil Prospecting License(OPL) in 1991 and owns 60% interest in the Aje Oil and Gas field located in Block OML 113 Offshore, Lagos.

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In 2016, Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum commenced production of crude oil from Aje Oil and Gas, which is the first producing field outside the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

Folawiyo Energy Limited

The company is a mainstream oil and gas company. It focuses on delivering storage solutions for refined fuel products. The company has a laboratory and on-site testing facility that measure and sample received and distributed products.

Enyo Retail and Supply

The fuel retailing brand was incorporated in 2016 with the aim of expanding the group trademark in the downstream energy space. It provides fuel retailing services and renewable energy products to Nigerian market.

Folawiyo Farms

The company was launched in 1986 to diversify the interest of the Group. Folawiyo Farms is located in Oyo State and they cultivate and process crops, and rear poultry. Crops grown includes pineapple, maize and cassava.

Tunde Folawiyo Net Worth

Tunde Folawiyo net worth is estimated at $650 million according to Forbes. He is one o the richest men in Nigeria

He serves as Director of MTN Nigeria Ltd, Executive Director of Yinka Folawiyo Group of Companies. Tunde also founded Folawiyo Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of the Yinka Folawiyo Group of Companies.

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Wearing a Mask May Reduce How Sick You Get from COVID-19

It has been thought that mask wearing mainly benefits the people around you.

However, scientists are beginning to speculate that masks may also help the wearer.

It is known that a lower viral dose can lead to less severe illness.

Wearing a mask may reduce the amount of virus that gets through to the wearer.

Less virus getting through may translate to less severe illness if you do become sick.

Up until now, scientists have thought that the main benefitTrusted Source of wearing a mask is to protect other people.

Now, however, some are beginning to speculate that mask wearing may provide a form of protection for the wearer as well.

They say that masks may reduce the amount of virus that reaches a person, potentially leading to less severe illness if you do become infected.

This means that COVID-19 may be able to spread throughout the population, getting us closer to herd immunity, without affecting people as badly as it otherwise would.

In fact, mask wearing may be one reason we have seen so many cases of mild and asymptomatic illness.

How masks protect other people

COVID-19 is believed to be spread by the virus-containing dropletsTrusted Source that are released when people speak, cough, or breathe.

If these droplets land in another person’s mouth or nose or are inhaled from the air, they can infect that person and make them sick.

According to Robert F. Garry, Jr., PhD, professor of microbiology and immunology, at Tulane University School of Medicine, a mask provides a physical barrier to catch those droplets.

In fact, cloth masks can block about 40 to 60 percent of the droplets, said Garry.

N95 masksTrusted Source can do an even better job, blocking 95 percent of very small particles, including viruses.

Masks capture these droplets before they can reach other people and infect them.

How masks might protect the wearer as well

Garry said it goes back to the idea that the size of the inoculum (the dose of the virus) determines how sick an individual will get.

Usually, with viruses, the higher the dose, the sooner symptoms develop and the more severe the illness is, he explained.

Based upon this idea, Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, and her colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco, have proposed that mask wearing could help reduce the severity of COVID-19 when people do become ill.

If a lesser quantity of respiratory droplets make it through to the mask wearer, this means they receive a lower dose of the virus.

A lower dose means that, even if the person becomes ill, it may not be as severe a case.

Gandhi noted that there is evidence in the literature indicating that this may indeed be happening with COVID-19.

In a recent hamster study that simulated masking, the “masked” hamsters were less likely to get COVID-19. They also had milder disease when they did get it.

In addition, epidemiologic evidence in settings like cruise ships and food processing plants has shown higher rates of asymptomatic infection after mask mandates were instituted.

She also pointed to a paperTrusted Source that suggests that universal masking in situations like hospitals has led to asymptomatic infections. According to the paper, many healthcare workers have had positive antibody testing for COVID-19 even though the workers didn’t know they had been infected.

Finally, she said, many countries that have population-level masking have done better at keeping their rates of severe disease and death down.

How mask wearing can help while we wait for a vaccine

Gandhi said she believes population-wide masking could play an important role in getting us through the pandemic.

Masks reduce transmission, she said. She and her team also believe they can reduce the severity of disease when people do become infected.

“We suggest mask mandates like the one called for by former VP Joe Biden,” she said.

She also feels that universal masking is a strategy that may allow work and school to continue.

Rather than closing everything down when new cases emerge, Gandhi suggests that a better plan may be to monitor for upticks in severe illness, hospitalizations, and death before instituting lockdowns.

We may see cases, she said, “but, as long as they are asymptomatic, public health officials should be concentrating more on decreasing rates of morbidity from this infection and monitoring closely for severe illness, not asymptomatic disease.”

In a report published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine on September 8, 2020, Gandhi’s team further pointed out that asymptomatic infections could actually be beneficial to the general population.

“Exposing society to SARS-CoV-2 [the virus that causes COVID-19] without the unacceptable consequences of severe illness with public masking could lead to greater community-level immunity and slower spread as we await a vaccine,” the authors wrote.

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