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Bryn Kenney Net Worth 2024

Bryn Kenney is one of the most successful players on the pro poker circuit – as well as one of the wealthiest. As of September 2021, Bryn Kenney net worth stands at $56 million. But how much do you really know about him?



Bryn Kenney net worth

What is Bryn Kenney net worth?

Bryn Kenney is one of the most successful players on the pro poker circuit – as well as one of the wealthiest. Bryn Kenney net worth stands at $56 million. But how much do you really know about him? Other players like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu might be more famous, but neither managed to amass such a fortune from poker as Kenney. Let’s lift the lid on the man behind the shades and the designer beard. 

Bryn Kenney net worth stands at $56 million

Bryn was born in December 1986 in the idyllic Long Beach area of Long Island, New York. One of five children, he was happy to find his own forms of entertainment, and soon developed a passion for gaming. This, alongside his idiosyncratic behavior and dress sense earned him a reputation as a bit of a geek and an oddball. 

As a kid, Bryn Kelley’s game of choice was Magic: The Gathering. In fact, by the turn of the millennium, he was the number one ranked player in the world within his age group. Back then, the school jocks might still have teased him as the class geek – after all, you’re not going to get rich playing games, right? It turns out Bryn had the last laugh.

The switch to poker

Bryn played his first live cash poker game just days after turning 21 at the East Coast Poker Championships. He had always had a passion for card games, and had learned the basics under the tutelage of his grandfather. But had he really pitched up at his first ever game and walked away a winner?

Kenney has since admitted in his biography that this is not quite the case. Remember, 15 to 20 years ago, the internet was just gathering pace and online poker was in its infancy. The controls were not as tight as they are now, and at 16, Bryn opened his first online poker account – in his mother’s name!  Bryn Kenney net worth stands at $56 million

Taking on the best in the world

In his formative years as a poker pro, Bryn was content to play more in cyberspace than at the big WSOP tournaments. That’s possibly why he is not such a famous name in poker as some of his contemporaries. Like anyone honing his or her skills, there were some bumps in the road on his way to the top. “Even though he may be one of the biggest names in the poker world today, Bryn had a jumpy start. It took plenty of losses and online gambling matches until he finally nailed his ideal game and style,” says industry expert Adam Parker from NZCasinoClub.

Bryn Kenney might happily have remained in the shadows of cyberspace, but events on 15 April 2011 forced his hand. The date is known in poker circles as Black Friday, although it has nothing to do with Christmas shopping. As a result of a Department of Justice indictment, the online poker scene in the US was decimated overnight, with huge platforms like PokerStars and Absolute Poker forced to shut down and their directors facing potential prison sentences for failing to comply with US gambling legislation.

Black Friday seemed like a disaster at the time, but it might have been the best thing that could have happened to Bryn Kenney. He was forced out into the open, and he took his rightful place amongst the world’s elite at the biggest poker tournaments in the world. It was only a matter of time before he would collect his first WSOP bracelet, and the moment came in July 2014. In addition to that precious bracelet, he also walked away with $153,000 in prize money. 

That has been his only bracelet to date, but Kenney has never been one for the trumpery of success. For him, what matters is that he continues to beat the opposition and keep the prize money flowing in, regardless of how high or low profile the tournament might be.

Despite the modesty of the trophy cabinet, Kenney is among the very best in the modern poker game. It’s a fact that was brought into sharp focus in 2016, when he took on the mighty Joe McKeehen, who was fresh from winning the 2015 Main Event. The two locked horns at the PokerStars Caribbean Super High Roller event, and Kenney’s victory added more than $1.6 million to his career winnings at a single stroke.

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Away from the table

So much for Bryn Kenney the poker player – but we promised a glimpse at the man behind those trademark shades. Poker was almost an obsession for Bryn in his 20s, so he had little time or inclination for going out on the town and being photographed in nightclubs with supermodels. However, now that he’s in his mid 30s, Kenney has chilled out a little and acknowledged that there is life away from the poker table. He’s currently dating Ana Marquez, another poker pro, and the second most successful female player ever to come from Spain. 

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Kenney likes to keep his private life private, however. He still lives in his native Long Beach, but don’t expect to see him driving the Long Island Expressway in a million dollar hypercar. Family is what really matters to him, and while it is not something he has mentioned publicly, sources close to him say he has helped his siblings, parents and grandparents to live more comfortably since he hit the big time.   

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