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British vs. American Bingo: What are the Differences?




When it comes to Bingo, you might think it’s a straightforward game with no room for variations, right? Well, think again! British and American Bingo may seem like two peas in a pod, but they’ve got their own quirks and differences that can make your Bingo experience on either side of the Atlantic a unique one.

Let’s take a peek into the world of British vs. American Bingo and see what sets them apart.

Basic Differences

In the UK, Bingo is more than just a game; it’s a social affair. You’ll find it in local community halls and often hear enthusiastic “calls” from a charismatic Bingo caller who adds a dash of humor and personality to the game.

It’s not unusual for players to have their lucky charms and rituals, like marking their cards with colorful dabbers and shouting “House!” when they win. The Brits take their Bingo seriously, but it’s all in good fun, regardless of whether they’re playing in their home or indulging in some online bingo games.

Now, let’s hop across the pond to the good old US of A.

American Bingo has its own vibe, and it’s often a part of larger entertainment complexes, like casinos or even church fundraisers. Instead of a caller, American Bingo uses the trusty “Bingo machines” to randomly draw the numbers. It’s all about the numbers here, and you’ll often see players with their eyes glued to the electronic boards.

If you already know how to play bingo bingo it’s not that big of a deal to switch from British to American or vice versa.

Cards, Calling, and Prizes


As for the cards, that’s where the first noticeable difference comes in. In British Bingo, each card typically has 15 numbers across 3 rows and 9 columns. On the other hand, American Bingo cards have 25 squares arranged in a 5×5 grid. This means more numbers and more chances to win in the USA.

When it comes to calling out the numbers, the Brits use nicknames for the numbers to add a touch of whimsy. For instance, number 22 might be called “Two Little Ducks.” The Americans stick to plain and simple number calling. It’s “B-22” or “N-36” without any catchy rhymes.

In terms of winning, the goal is the same: complete a line or a specific pattern of numbers on your card before anyone else. But the pace can be different. British Bingo is often played at a leisurely pace, while American Bingo can be a bit more fast and furious.

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Prizes can vary too. In the UK, it’s common for winners to receive cash or maybe even a box of chocolates. In the US, especially in larger Bingo games, you can win some serious cash, cars, or even luxury vacations.

Before you dive any deeper, get yourself acquainted with the players’ rules of British bingo.

Wrapping Up

So, British and American Bingo might share the same basic concept, but it’s the little details that make them stand out. Whether you prefer the charming, quirky world of British Bingo or the fast and furious style of American Bingo, one thing’s for sure – both are a whole lot of fun.

It’s all about having a blast, marking those numbers, and shouting “Bingo!” when your lucky stars align. We hope you enjoy your Bingo adventure, no matter which side of the ocean you’re on!