Best Inventions Of 2019

Each year there are countless new products and inventions on the market. This list includes some of the most exciting products to come out over the years.

The past two to three years have seen a wide array of promising inventions enter the prototyping stage, or even break into the market.

From gadgets that make lives easier, to products that disrupt an entire industry, innovators, entrepreneurs and engineers are hard at work to create a better, smarter, and even more exciting world.

Now 2019 may have already started but do not worry you still have time to kick start your year off with the right product or invention. If you are looking for something to inspire you to commit to your New Year’s resolution, today is your lucky day.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox adaptive controller is here to make the gaming world more inclusive. The Microsoft developed  Xbox Adaptive Controller is here to help those with limited hand and arm mobility play games.

The product itself was inspired by previous efforts made by groups like the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Gravity Blankets

Gravity is here to help you combat your anxiety. Starting off as a Kickstarter campaign, the company Gravity has created a therapeutic weighted blanket engineered to be around 10% of your body weight.

The super comfy blanket helps those who have a sleeping problem, who may be stressed, or deal with anxiety.


Getting separated from friends or a family member at an event or festival can be annoying. LynQ helps you find your loved ones when you get separated from the group. 

Unlike smartphones, compass-like devices do not need any wifi to stay connected. It is a great tool for family vacations.

Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

So, are you still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? You might not be a wizard but this coding kit can give you some of the same powers.

The Harry Potter Coding kit allows children to accomplish real-world magical feats through the power of coding.

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The Mirror

The Mirror is one of the sleekest looking inventions on this list. Perfect for those with fitness goals in 2019, the interactive mirror helps take your home fitness regime to the next level.

The device streams live workouts and even offers an interactive fitness coach.


A common New Year’s resolution centers around the idea of kicking some sort of bad habit. HabitAware is here to make your life a little easier.

As a friendly reminder, the fashionable Keen band vibrates anytime it catches you doing the bad habit you are trying to shake.


The California-based startup Zipline intends to use drones to save lives. The company uses its drones in remote areas across the world to deliver vital supplies and even the delivery of blood.

Their latest drone invention can carry up to almost 2 kilograms at 128 kmph for up to 160 kilometers round trip.

Solar Charged Jacket

If you are a night runner, then this one’s for you. Created by U.K.-based sports-gear startup, Vollebak, the Solar Charged Jacket phosphorescent membrane absorbs light during the day and releases its “kryptonite green energy” for those who need to be safe after dark.

Thor ET-One

Tesla is not the only one in the market creating electric semi-trucks. The startup Thor’s latest invention centers around a sleek and power electric semi-truck.

With the ability to carry 36,000 kilos up to 300 miles, the Thor ET-One is sure to shake up the semi-truck industry while creating a greener planet. The truck looks like Optimus Prime’s cooler cousin.