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Best and Worst Celebrity Gamblers in 2023


Do you know what your favorite celebrity does for fun? Suppose you didn’t know many famous actors, athletes, and directors turn to gambling to unwind. Some succeed in this venture while others lose terribly.


Casinos are usually willing to welcome these celebrities with open arms as long as they are eager to open their wallets. On the other hand, ordinary people enjoy watching celebrities doing their thing at the poker table.

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Here are the best and worst celebrity gamblers of 2023:

Ben Affleck

The famous actor loves the poker table. Perhaps it’s because he is good at it. Those who’ve watched him play live confirm that if he were not an actor, he would have a thriving career as a poker player. His most enormous hand came 20 years ago when he grabbed over 800 thousand USD.


Affleck also loves playing blackjack, but he was barred from nearly all blackjack tables for counting cards. He has a passion for gambling, which has also caused a stir in his private life. Allegedly, it was the primary cause of his marriage with Jennifer Garner falling apart.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather Jr. is a popular boxer who doesn’t shy away from any challenge. He is known to wager millions of dollars, especially in sports betting, since it is his area of expertise. Moreover, he doesn’t publicly share his losses, meaning it is challenging to know how much he has lost. But, he has made public his winnings which many claim the figures are exaggerated. Apparently, his biggest win was worth 6.5 million USD. Read Most Popular online Gambling in Canada

 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a famous socialite born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is a regular in Las Vegas as an amateur gambler. In short, while she loves the buzz of wagering, she is not good at it! Her losses have never been made public, but she announced that she won 30 thousand USD. Her gambling is mainly for fun.

Tiger Woods                   

Tiger Woods is the most notable golfing name. After his marriage fell apart in 2009, he turned to gambling. However, he is not so good at it! He played blackjack exclusively and lost big time most of the time. He used to wager 25 thousand USD, and his biggest loss was 200 thousand USD. He has not given up! He is still gambling but has become wiser and stopped wagering large amounts.


Matt Damon

Matt Damon is also a passionate poker player. He visits regularly and is actually an excellent player. Furthermore, he does not wager massive amounts, meaning he has a sound gambling strategy. Reports suggest that he bets small amounts and wins on many occasions.

He gambles to take the pressure off his shoulders and earn some cash. While he doesn’t necessarily need the money, he visits a casino at least once weekly. Read Richest Companies in the world

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is more famous for his scandalous private life and statements than his acting! Besides his alcohol and sex addiction, he loves to wager on sports and play poker. He blew most of his fortune on gambling, trying to quench his expensive lust. For example, he reported spending more than 10 million USD per year at the poker table. As a result, he is back on his child support.

Final Thoughts

You can draw valuable lessons from the experiences of these famous celebrities. The bottom line is that you need a proper betting strategy and the discipline to stick to it to enjoy your gambling.