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Beliefs That Are Holding Back Your Success



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Beliefs That Are Holding Back Your Success

You must be thinking, “What beliefs can possibly be holding back my growth? I’ve done a lot.” Well, these 3 beliefs that are holding back your success are common throughout society.

These beliefs are taught to you as a young child by your parents or throughout school. As you grew older, you decided to believe in something else, or strongly believe in what you were taught.

Regardless of what you believe and I believe, these beliefs will accelerate your mindset to achieve more success and growth in your life.

Find this scammy or faulty? Well, that is fine, but get this… I only would write this because these beliefs are what got me and other people results. Just see what you think of the beliefs, and see if you can agree.

Poor people believe “Life happens to me.” while rich people believe “I create my life.”

If you ask most people why they haven’t achieved success, some of the most common responses include the economy, the government, taxes are too high, poor upbringing or parenting, unsupportive family or friends, no time, no money, no opportunity, lack of skills or education, an unfair boss, etc…

ALL the excuses that you could possibly think of are your reasons for staying where you are (comfort).

Although this could not be true, all these excuses could possibly play a factor into how your life goes by less than 5%, but the other 95% of your life remains on the actions and choices you make.

The person you are today is a certain character. You are a certain person. That person’s character is made from your habits, your habits are made from your actions, your actions are made from your words, and your words are made from your thoughts.

Whatever you choose to think and believe will dictate most of the results in your life. So choose wisely and remember this, you certainly don’t control where you were born, but you can control where you end up.


Believe that you create your life and future.

Figure out what you most want in life, write it down and make a plan to get it.

Improve yourself every day to increase the chances of accomplishing your dreams.

Poor people play the money game to lose (even if they think they are playing to win it) while rich people play the money game to win.

Poor people use their time and energy on trying to get jobs, pay the bills, be comfortable, and to save money.

It is not that poor people want to choose to take a job, but it is that they’re not influenced or given the belief that a business or entrepreneurial take on life would make their lifestyle more free and luxurious (they don’t know the other side).

Rich people use their time and energy on trying to build businesses, cash flow assets, and build other forms of assets that pay them income even when they’re not around (passive income).

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