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All The Times Justin Timberlake Stole Our Hearts On Screen



As though a wildly successful music career wasn’t enough, Justin Timberlake has been stealing our hearts from movie theatres for years now too. Last year alone was a pretty wild year for him, but we thought we’d take the time to look back on some of his best moments from movies gone by. These are all of the times that Justin wowed us on screen. From playing an unassuming university graduate, to a heartthrob best friend, Justin Timberlake has proven time and time again just how versatile he is as an actor. This versatility has led him to share filming roles with all kinds of actors: from Jennifer Aniston to Woody Allen.

Runner Runner

Released in 2013, Runner Runner was directed by Brad Furman and cast Justin Timberlake in a starring role. In this film, Justin Timberlake plays Richie Furst, a university graduate with a skill for playing poker. Whilst playing poker, he mistakenly gets involved with an unscrupulous man named Ivan Block. It’s at this point that the film quickly turns from a film about a promising young poker player into a pretty intense thriller. If you like to play poker online then it’s worth heeding Richie Furst’s warning and only playing on sites that are verified as safe. Global Poker is Trust Pilot reviewed and offers plenty of clear advice on how to game responsibly on their website. Although bumping into an Ivan Block character is unlikely, it always pays to use websites that are known to be safe.

Friends With Benefits

If you’re looking for a great romantic comedy then Friends With Benefits still stands up as one of the best. Released in 2011, this film put Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the starring roles. The story begins when Jamie (Mila Kunis) hires Dylan (Justin Timberlake) to come and work at her art company. The two quickly become firm friends and start to hang out with each other outside of work. 

Things start to get a little more complicated when after a conversation about how you don’t need to have feelings to get physical, the two begin sleeping with each other casually. As you might have guessed, feelings start to develop and the lines of their friendship become a little blurred. The pair meet one another’s families, get to understand each other on a deeper level and despite arguments, always seem to find their way back to one another. If you want to find out if they end up together, then you’ll have to watch the film and find out. You’re in for a good watch though, the film was a huge commercial success, grossing almost $150 million against a budget of around $35 million.


If you’re wondering how Justin Timberlake stacks up as an actor now, then you couldn’t find a release much more recent than the 2021 film Palmer. Directed by Fisher Stevens, this production had a relatively small budget of just over $6 million dollars. However, that did not stop Justin Timberlake from taking the titular role of Eddie Palmer. 

Eddie used to be a high school football star, but after making some bad decisions he ended up in prison. The film starts with Eddie’s release from prison and follows him as he makes his way back to his hometown to restart his life again. Once he makes it home he reconnects with a guy who used to go to his old school. This new friend is Sam, who used to be something of an outcast. Despite his best intentions, Eddie’s past comes back to haunt him and threatens to ruin the new life he is so desperately trying to build for himself. It’s great to see Justin in a more serious role, this film really shows how versatile he is as an actor.