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Alfred Ntombela Net Worth 2022



Alfred Ntombela net worth

Alfred Ntombela net worth 2022: Alfred Ntombela  is a South African former actor, known for his role in South African candid genre films alongside Leon Schuster, his fast-paced Joker-like laugh and for his small stature as an adult.

Alfred Ntombela net worth

Net worth $8 million
Date of birth 3 April 1972
NationalitySouth African

Alfred Ntombela Net Worth : Biography

He was born 3 April 1972. Keep reading to find more information about Alfred Ntombela net worth

Also called “the guy with the laugh” or “Shorty,” you cannot tell just how much the legend has endured in his struggle to the top. This is especially true when it comes to his childhood. Alfred is a classic case of how much the people of Mzansi and other parts of the world can endure and turn even the saddest of stories into joyful and inspirational ones.


Alfred did not have the best childhood. His mother, young and unemployed, left his father while she was pregnant with him. Mama Alfred left because the father was an albino, and she feared that society would shun her for getting a child with a white man.

In a sad turn of events, when Alfred was a few weeks old, the mother abandoned him to the care of her uncle’s wife, who raised the newborn baby boy as her child. 3 years later, Alfred’s father passed away before the boy had the chance to know him. Later on, he discovered that his father had other wives and that he had step-brothers.

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Starting school was a problem for Shorty because his birth was never registered officially. Even his teachers at school had a problem letting him access education easily because they thought he was too young to learn in “big school.” He proved them wrong because he answered all their questions.

Growing up, Alfred lived a few blocks from the late actor Ken Gampu’s house. Shorty expressed his desire for acting, which was a plea that fell kindly to Ken’s ears, and he got him a job at Heyns Films in Halfway House. A short while later, Ken managed to secure a role for Alfred on the kid’s show called Ikhaya Labantwana, which made him a hit for the five years the series ran in English and Zulu in the 80s.

Alfred Ntombela Net Worth

Alfred Ntombela net worth 2022 is estimated at $8 million

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