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Abu Trica Net Worth



Abu Trica net worth

What is Abu Trica net worth?

Abu Trica is a Ghanaian businessman and socialite. He is often regarded as one of thr youngest richest people in Ghana.

Abu Trica, Swedru based, is often seen flaunting money on social media. He is known for wealth and living a flamboyant lifestyle owning cars, a mansion

Abu Trica Net Worth

Abu Trica net worth is estimated to be in millions of dollars joining the likes of Ibrahim Mahama in the list of the wealthiest people in Ghana. The young internet sensation is reported to be involved in multiple businesses although the name of the specific business hasn’t been mentioned.

Abu Trica Net Worth: Mansion

In 2022, a video of a mansion own by Abu Trica surfaced online. The house located in the hometown of Swedru is dabbed the biggest house in the town.

The interior of the beautiful home had the best decor money could afford. The white POP ceilings were littered with luxury lighting and shined brightly on the beautiful white walls.

Abu Trica

Abu Trica Cars

Abu Trica owns sveral cars in his garage. The one making news of late is his newly acquired a Lamborghini Urus which has been reported to cost $450k. He also owns a BMW

Source: Glusea