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7 Impressive Facts You Didn’t Know About Crypto Casinos



Crypto casinos are the trendiest form of gambling in the world that any government does not control. In such a scenario, the games are usually decentralized, meaning that the house has no say over the game or the odds. 

Instead, they rely on a generic number generator to create different odds, creating a sense that the users cannot cheat or misuse the gaming machines in any way. 

There are multiple benefits to playing at a crypto casino, the biggest one being an easy deposit and withdrawal without any transaction fee. 

One thing to know about crypto casinos is that they are extremely secure because they are less prone to hacking and unethical data leaks as compared to fiat casinos. 

Read to know about some of the most impressive facts about crypto casinos that might be new to you. 

Lower Transaction Fees Compared to their Fiat Counterparts

Crypto casinos have very few transaction fees when compared to traditional casinos. Crypto gambling operators are always in search f cryptocurrencies with a reduced exchange rate. This makes gambling relatively affordable for gamblers. 

Some bitcoin casinos also don’t charge a fee if they transfer their bitcoin value to your wallet. However, these deposits and withdrawals can take up to fifteen to twenty minutes to get into your account. 

Anonymous Betting Experience

Crypto casinos are entirely unregulated and decentralized. This is what makes crypto gambling nameless or anonymous, as the player’s identity never gets linked to the transactions. 

Unlike traditional casinos, crypto casinos never seek personal data from their users. Many gamblers worldwide find this anonymity a huge benefit to placing their bets on and playing virtually. 

The players living in strict nations, being regulated by legal laws, are immensely pleased by this feature of the crypto casino. 

24/7 Customer Service

Every crypto casino operator offers 24×7 customer support service, unlike traditional casinos that don’t offer such versatility in services. These casinos excel at customer care and provide special bonuses, reimbursements, and reliable assistants for VIP players. 

Crypto casinos are usually digital; therefore, you must expect various contact options for customer support. They can be reachable through social media platforms like WhatsApp, website chat services, Telegram, or similar platforms.  

Availability of More Games

Mostly, crypto developers offer their users a diverse range of gaming options compared to conventional casinos. The gaming portfolios offered by crypto casinos are indeed vast and diversified for every player. 

All crypto gambling sites that are listed on specified platforms offer sports betting, card games, and even crypto trading. These casinos offer around 300 to 500 games in online gambling mode. Many of these games are unique to the domain. 

Promotions for Gamblers 

Crypto gamblers offer all kinds of promotions for their users, starting from free spins to deposit bonuses. Some of the most popular bonuses are welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty programs, event tickets, VIP programs, crypto bonuses, and cashback. 

All these offers make these online casinos more lucrative than any land-based casino.

Multiple Crypto Payment Options

Crypto casinos allow their users to use multiple cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Monero. But the options aren’t restricted here. There are many more to choose from. If you want to diversify your holdings and watch the money grow, you can go with the casino’s list of all coins available. 

Most of these casinos offer approximately 10 to 15 payment methods. Some of these payments might offer more than 50 cryptocurrencies to their special users. 

Diversified Availability of Crypto Casinos

The global casino market value sums up to $70 billion and every year the number of crypto casinos is rising to increase the value. Every year there is an increase of 10 percent in the cryptocurrency casino market, pointing to the industry’s rapid growth. 

Developing a crypto casino requires huge resources and significant time, yet many developers are coming up with these casinos so easily.

This is possible because crypto casinos are overtly profitable to the developers as well, making them take up the risk of assuming future profits. 

Final Words

There are multiple reasons why crypto casinos are evolving every day and are selected by every gambler over conventional casinos. Gamblers enjoy the anonymity and flexibility of crypto casinos and cryptocurrencies as modes of payment. 

Considering every aspect, crypto casinos bring out the best features for their players and enhance their gambling experience.

Source: Glusea