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4 Ways to Attract More Business Opportunities

Ways to Attract More Business Opportunities

For what reason do a few business visionaries get a larger number of chances than others? Is it in light of the fact that their business gets more cash-flow, or is there a mystery the normal individual doesn’t know about?


Glenn Sanford, originator of eXp Realty, leader of eXp World Holdings and CEO of SUCCESS Enterprises, would reword that question. Rather than conflating accomplishment with cash, he would get some information about their connections. So here’s the new inquiry: Are you utilizing connections to develop your business or your business to develop connections? The vast majority do the main choice, however that is the hardest method to meet individuals and get openings. Utilizing your business to develop your organization is more productive.

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In this scene of Brilliant Thoughts, SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada converses with Sanford about how to get astounding freedoms. Karma assumes a little part, however most things don’t occur coincidentally.


Sanford didn’t get the chance to purchase SUCCESS Magazine or Virbela, the augmented simulation stage, by some coincidence. Connections from one business carry on to the next.

“A great deal of this comes down to mentality,” Sanford says. “None of this would have appeared, regardless of whether it be my business or whatever, had I not been a positive individual, dedicated, constructed incredible connections and remembered others for the business.”

Need to make similar outcomes? Do these four things to make your business a magnet for promising circumstances.

Encircle yourself with individuals who push you.

Numerous business visionaries improve by retaining data. They read books by Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, and specialists who get business. It’s great to consider the mysteries of achievement, however don’t stall out in the learning stage. Apply the exercises and push ahead.


This is the place where a no nonsense tutor can take care of you. Nothing beats the experience of face to face tutelage, so discover an educator to motivate your development.

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“At the point when somebody pushed me to utilize [my strengths] at an undeniable level, they at last came out,” Sanford says. “I put the data [into my mind], yet it was pulled out as far as getting me centered and getting things going.”

Rather than aiding one individual, focus on thousands.

Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you need, on the off chance that you will simply assist others with getting what they need.” It’s extraordinary guidance, and there are two different ways to carry out such astuteness. You can assist a few group with succeeding, which takes additional time and dissipates your consideration. Or then again you can devise an arrangement to change a huge number of lives on the double.

“In case I’m not reasoning large enough, the number of individuals am I harming?” Sanford inquires. “It’s an insane method to think. We have 53,000 or more specialists in eXp… We may have 300,000 of every five years. Think about the size of that endeavor. I would be scamming every one of the 300,000 individuals—alongside SUCCESS Enterprises and my different organizations—in the event that I didn’t think greater. Not for me, actually, but rather every one of the specialists, dealers, workers and clients.”


Try not to follow the cash swarm.

In spite of the fact that having loads of cash is ideal to dream about, taking care of issues for others is the way you really acquire it. At times it’s a long cycle. Foster your item or aptitude prior to anything occurs, and surprisingly at that point, bringing in cash isn’t ensured. To endure the good and bad times, your motivation ought to be greater than benefit.

“I’ve conversed with fruitful individuals whose center is bringing in cash, and I don’t care to be around those individuals,” Sanford says. “I like to associate with individuals who need to have an effect, and assuming cash is a result of that—and it’s a significant one—that is OK.”


As you fabricate connections, interface with business visionaries who realize how to make esteem, not simply plans to build benefit.

Enhance good thoughts.

One individual can begin a business, yet it takes a group of individuals to develop it greater every year. In the event that you have representatives, tune in to their thoughts. Backing them as they attempt new things. Make a culture of advancement where there are no ill-conceived notions, just ideas that get honed or diverted through conversation.

“There are a ton of pioneers [in genuine estate] who don’t care for the possibility of specialists and agents fabricating their own occasions,” Sanford says. “They attempt to wrest all the control back to corporate, and I don’t get it… . I’ve generally been about, ‘How would we engage? What’s the new economy?’ If you consider Google, Twitter and Facebook, a ton of current organizations work from an alternate playbook, where it’s tied in with arising good thoughts any place they come from.”


Is it true that you are available to all ideas? If not, you may disregard a basic success for your business.

Sourced from Success magazine


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