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3 Revision Strategies I Use to Write My Essay: Tips from a Professional Writer



So you’ve done your research and put your thoughts together in a draft. Now what? Does this mean you’re ready to submit your essay? Unfortunately, no. 

First drafts are usually far from perfect. That’s why you need a revision stage. Do not confuse it with editing. While revisions may include correcting some grammar and spelling errors, they are not limited to it. Revisions improve the structure and clarity of your writing. They involve looking at your paper from a reader’s perspective to improve the way you present ideas. 

So how to use an essay writing helper and get an A? Here are three revision strategies that will help you revise your paper. 

Examine Your Argument with a Reverse Outline

A reverse outline is one of the most popular techniques among writers. When I write my essays online, it’s too easy to get distracted. New ideas appear all the time, but not all of them add something to the argument. This is why writers need the reverse outline method to check the paper and make sure it stays focused on the thesis statement. 

Unlike a traditional outline, you should write your reverse outline after the first draft is finalized. In a nutshell, it looks like a bullet point list of the main ideas you discuss in your paper. This condensed version provides an illustration of the structure and logical sequence of ideas in your essay. 

How to write my essay reverse outline?

  1. Look through your complete draft.
  2. Jot down the one-sentence summary of each paragraph to make a list. 
  3. Write the purpose of each paragraph. Does it provide context, evidence, support, etc.? 

Now that you have your outline, you can evaluate the organization of your writing. Here are some problem areas that you might discover:

  • Some points in your reverse outline do not relate back to the thesis statement.
  • The flow of ideas is illogical or hard to follow. 
  • Two or more paragraphs repeat the same idea. 
  • One paragraph includes two or more different topics.
  • The topic sentence does not reflect the main idea of the paragraph. 

If your essay has some of these issues, it is a sign for you to go back and fix them. 

Use the Highlighting Method

The highlighting method is a revision approach based on color-coordinating. All you need to do is to take several highlighters (or, if I write my essay online, I use formatting tools) and mark different parts of your paper in different colors. For example, make sentences that provide evidence orange, highlight topic sentences in blue, your thesis sentence can be green, and so on. Some other elements you may highlight are quotes, paraphrases, concluding sentences, background information, summaries, etc. 

The highlighting method provides a visualization of the content included in your paper. It shows you when you need to work some extra time on it or get write my essay help. 

For example, you might discover that some of your paragraphs lack topic sentences or do not provide sufficient evidence. Sometimes you might not even notice that you spend more time on one essay question and ignore the other. This visual check reveals if the paragraphs are disproportionate and helps you to fix the issue. 

Move From a Text to Sentence Level with Funneling

Another effective revision strategy is funneling. The best write my essay for me service considers it one of the most comprehensive approaches as it allows you to revise your draft at different levels. First, you look at your essay as a whole. Then, you consider each paragraph and sentence.

  1. Text Level: Evaluate your essay as a whole. Does it cover all the questions from the prompt? Is there any irrelevant information? 
  2. Paragraph Level: Look through each paragraph. Is it clear how they relate to the general idea? Do they provide enough evidence? Is each point you discuss significant enough?
  3. Sentence Level: When reviewing each individual sentence, check grammar and spelling. Pay attention to in-text citations and the formatting of quotations. You can also work on your style and improve the clarity of your essay. 

This step-by-step revision strategy doesn’t limit you to the overall structure like the highlighting method. Instead, you can go all the way to the sentence level to make sure your grammar and spelling are in check and all commas are in the right place. 

Bonus Tip: Seek Writing Help

After you spend hours researching for and writing your draft, the need to review and reconsider everything might seem agonizing. Unfortunately, this is not something you can skip, hoping for the best. If you want to be sure your essay is as good as it could possibly be to earn you the desired grade, revision is key. 

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. You can ask a friend for help or get expert assistance. Can I write my essay paper with best authors in USA? Absolutely! You can always reach out for help and find a professional writer to revise your essay or even write it for you from scratch. 

Final Thoughts

Although revisions sometimes seem daunting to students, it is a crucial step in essay writing. Use one of these three revision strategies or their combination to come up with a strong essay. They will make your paper more coherent and smooth out any inconsistencies that might confuse your reader and lower your grade. Look at the big picture and check everything from paragraph structure to evidence and transitions.

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