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25 Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes on Investments, Life, and Business

Aliko Dangote net worth
Richest Man in Africa 2020

Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes: Yes, there is so much inspiration you can draw from the distinguished personality of Aliko Dangote. Currently, the richest man in Africa, Dangote who has ranked number one in Africa has held on to that spot for years. He is the founder and CEO of the Dangote conglomerate. we will be bringing to you the famous Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes.

Aliko Dangote who had been given the title GCON, is a Nigerian business mogul, philanthropist and industrialist with a net worth of $11.1 billion. His products are widely used in Nigeria especially and some parts of Africa.

Aliko Dangote was born into an influential and wealthy family on April 10, 1957 in Kano State. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration which he obtained from Al-Azhar University.

There is so much motivation that can be derived from such a great personality as ALIKO Dangote, and that is why we have compiled the list of famous Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes on Investments, Life, and business.

25 Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes on Investments, Life, and Business

1.“My great-grandfather was a kola nut trader and the richest man in West Africa at the time of his death. My father was a businessman and politician. I was actually raised by my grandfather.” – Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes

2. “I used to own two homes in Atlanta. But it was a lot of trouble. There are leaky roofs; you have to call people. It takes up too much time to own property everywhere. Now I stay at St. Regis. I used to like cars a lot, too. I had 25 of them: Porsches, Ferraris.” – Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes

3. “If I had challenges in my company, I would not hesitate to sell assets to remain afloat, to get to the better times, because it doesn’t make any sense for me to keep any assets and then suffocate the whole organization.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

4. “My love for Arsenal dates back to when I went to watch them play with the then-largest shareholder David Dein. I developed a likeness for the team, and I have been a supporter of the team since then.” – Aliko Dangote

4. “The gas, which is our main source of power, is priced in dollars.” – Aliko Dangote

6. “What I always say is that money doesn’t have color. It doesn’t matter whether you are from Africa or anywhere in the world. The color of money is the same.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

7. “The most dangerous thing for an entrepreneur to do is to actually go into a business that he does not understand fully.

8. “I always make sure I hire people smarter than me.” – Aliko Dangote

9. “I always tried to move up the food chain. I started with cement and then moved into textiles and banking. When I was trading sugar, I added salt and flour so that then we could do pasta. And then I thought, why not make the bag for it, too? So, we started making packaging.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

10. “If bad and inexperienced politicians control power in Nigeria, my wealth may turn into poverty, and I am not ready to become a poor man.” – Aliko Dangote

11. “Where the foreign exchange is not available, we are cutting down our operations. For example, we had a vegetable oil refinery; we have shut it down. We had a tomato-based processing plant; we have shut it down.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

12. “If you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t be alive.” – Aliko Dangote

13. “If I have an idea, I can actualize it through our political leaders.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

14. “The number one thing that kills businesses in Africa is power – or the lack of power.” – Aliko Dangote

15. “I’ve run a very successful business, and I think I can also run a very successful team.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

16. “Where the assets of Facebook were hype, we have real assets.” – Aliko Dangote

17. “I’m not in it for the money. No, no. I like to run a business that’s successful… I’m a very creative person.” – Aliko Dangote

18. “The people who were supposed to invest in refineries, who understand the market, are benefiting from there being no refineries because of the fuel import business.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

19. “After my death, I want to be remembered as Africa’s greatest industrialist.” – Aliko Dangote

20. “Don’t kill the competition. Competition is healthy for businesses. It keeps you the entrepreneur on your toes.

21. “To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big.” – Aliko Dangote

22. “Manufacture, don’t just trade. There is money in manufacturing even though it is capital intensive. To achieve a big breakthrough, I had to start manufacturing the same product I was trading on; which is commodities.” – Aliko Dangote

23. “If people look inward, they would see the opportunities for greatness.” – Aliko Dangote quotes

24. “When you import goods, you import poverty and you export jobs to other parts of the globe where such goods are produced.

25. “In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it.” – Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes


The crown of success belongs to the brave, smart and focused ones. To achieve success in business or investment, you need to speak to the right people, people who have been in your shoes, these people are the ones that will tell you what to do to propel you to success in whatever endeavor you venture into. I am sure the 25 Aliko Dangote Motivational Quotes on Life, Investment and Business will come in handy when you are in need of inspiration to succeed in any business or in life as a whole. 

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