10 Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital

Business You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital

What are the Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital?


Starting a business that will earn you more money can be a tassle if you dont have the needed capital that will bring your business idea to fruition. What if i told you there several business ideas that can make you several hundreds to thousand of dollars without having to invest or put in any capital.

In this case your capital is your time. Making money without any capital have made several people rich and you can be part of the number if you have the zeal. Without further ado, lets take a look at the 10 Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital.


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10 Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital

Bitcoin Mining

Crypto mining is the process by which new units of digital currency are created.

Unlike a centralized physical bank, Bitcoin acts as a decentralized banking ledger, a transaction record kept in multiple locations at once and updated by contributors to the network. That record is called the blockchain. The blockchain is updated by adding new blocks of data to that chain, which contains information regarding Bitcoin transactions.


To add a block of new transactions to the chain, miners must compute the correct random numbers that solve a complex equation the blockchain system has generated. Once they do, a set of rules written into Bitcoin’s code awards the miner a certain amount of Bitcoin. This, in a nutshell, is the process of mining

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Another one of the 10 Businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital is by writing Ebooks and publishing them on Amazon Kindle. Kindle basically acts a bookstore for your books, if anybody makes a purchase then you make money from it. You can write about anything you like and make money from it.


Quora is an Q&A website where people ask questions and get answers. With quora, you need to ask intelligent and questions. Depending on the number of views your questions get, Quora can invite you to their partnership platform where you get paid for asking questions. Take a look at Quora website here



There are hundreds of thousand of people who have become millionaires just by uploading videos on YouTube and being able to monetize them. You have have what it takes to start in front of a camera or you have a skill you want to teach to a virtual audience, them YouTube is a platform for you. You can make videos that are education or entertaining and can engage audience and YouTube will allow you run ads on your video when you meet their requirements. Making money on youtube needs only a little to no capital to start.


Another one of the 0 Business You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital is by doing NFTs. The is no investment currently that can help you make money without capital more than NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies, they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency.

They are digital representations of assets and have been likened to digital passports because each token contains a unique, non-transferable identity to distinguish it from other tokens. They are also extensible, meaning you can combine one NFT with another to “breed” a third, unique NFT.  You can read more on NFTs from this Investopedia article



The 6th of the 10 business you can start making money from without any capital is by working on Teespring.

The onely capital need is your time. With Teespring, you create beautiful artwork of whatever you want and upload it to the platform. When people make purchases, Teespring pays you royalties.

Campaign creators are expected to design and market the product themselves. Teespring fulfills orders on campaigns that have reached a minimum sales goal (called “tipped” campaigns), and ships items to the buyers.

 Products are printed or manufactured in various screen-printing facilities. Teespring handles distribution of the products and customer service. Teespring offers various apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings and children’s wear.

Take Surveys

There several research based companies that carry out researches on different products in different areas. An example of such site is cashkarma app.

You need to install the app on your smart phone, register with your details and start earning rewards by taking surveys.

Selling Photos and Videos

There several sites online including Getty, Shutterstock, Unsplash among others where you can take photos of videos of yourself performing an activity, or a special landmark or anything that is of value and upload. When people make purchases of your videos of photos, you make some money out of it.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way of making money without investing is by promoting good products sold by other people. When someone makes a purchase of the product, you make a commission for promoting the product.

Make TikTok Videos

TikTok is the current most visited video sharing platform. You can make videos of yourself, upload them on TikTok and make money from them. All you need is to attain some level of following and content engagement.

Which one of the top 10 businesses You Can Start Making Money From Without Any Capital. Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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